As a method of delivering multiple task management and project data in unison, PPM software is an essential element of a portfolio of investment. The PPM software package from ModenaCam is the first commercial script to deliver turnkey solutions for adult/non-video chat and other pay-per-minute portals.

Adding value to a website or online business by way of interactive media has been proven to increase revenue streams, thereby helping diversify the leverage pressured onto a single method of earning revenue. A PPM package which delivers economic and efficient video presentation to end users — a package which also incorporates Adobe’s Flash Media Live Encoder — offers an exciting alternative to a traditional Web-based broadcasting interface between performers and end user consumers.

The proven technology allows your performers to broadcast high-definition images and sounds on a powerful customizable interface.

It takes little in the way of technical knowledge; by following clear and simple guidelines, an end user can set up the software package easily within two hours. Step-by-step configuration begins by pressing the Start button, and from there, it’s a simple matter of customizing the entire app interface with your own logos and company identifiers.

Designed with security in mind, the server side and client validations are built in to an elegantly designed interface medium, all of which add value to the client end-user video and chat experience. Even if your adult site has thousands of users online at the same time, the software has a built-in FMS load-balancing system.

The new-generation software package will efficiently overlay hard economic measures, business strategy goals, or technical strategy goals while at the same time honoring the constraints imposed on the entire system by management or external real-world factors. Performers and owners will instantly have access to real-time data about revenue streams and how they are performing against a backdrop of real-world economic pressures.

Increase the viability of your online interactive presence; as the website emphasizes, “You are five minutes away from opening your own video chat business,” and site connections will be managed in an entirely secure environment. All the performers have to do is to get performing and watch how they make money for themselves and for your online business.

Efficient, effective, and accurate live streaming video software, like the ModenaCam PPM software, offers much more effective control over day-to-day operation of an interactive website business. Peer-to-peer direct streaming with inherent controls and parameters adds value to websites and online businesses where end-user interaction is a predominant element of the service. For more information, log on to the website of ModenaCam today.

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