Have you ever thought, “What adds values to a brand?” How it inspires people, and in the long run becomes an object of obsession? Gradually, a preferred brand becomes a part of their life. To know better about the branding and brand reputation let’s walk through the HP Technology, a well-known name in the IT industry that manufactures, develops and markets hardware and software products for consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises, including customers in the government, health and education sectors.

No matter, the IT world is cluttered with many such big and small names, but if there is really something special that has transformed its “one-car garage” into the IT Empire with global presence, then beyond doubt its HP Support service.

Its relentless and benign approach without reckoning profits and loss is the seed of success. Albeit there can’t be an immediate profit, yes, that pays off in the long run. Needless to say that today, companies are offering their limited hardware warranty for certain duration, and HP is doing no difference but it’s the way of approach or action that helps it to stand out of the crowd in terms of customer service. To make that unique and touching, let’s see how it has structured the HP Support portal.

HP Total Care is just like the trunk part of the tree that has been branched as: HP Accidental Damage Protection, HP House Call, HP Installation Services, HP Next Business Day Exchange 1-year warranty products, HP Next Business Day Exchange 90-day warranty products, HP Out-of-Warranty Support, HP PC Tune-up Service, HP Premium Care Pack Service, and HP SmartFriend. Each part has its own significance; however, the end objective of all is to make sure that you can keep technological evils away from computing and derive max of the investment.

For any issues you have to just get in touch with the portal via HP Number, information like serial number (S/N), product name, model number, and a brief description of the issue, will help experts to provide instant and effective support. Hardware issues are under on-site warranty, where experts’ visit takes place at your comfort to repair or replace faulty parts, and parts and labor both are bore by the company. Anything pertaining to software will be handled remotely; experts will diagnose the system remotely through a tool to affirm the issue, and will troubleshoot it accordingly.

Usually, all HP PCs come with HP Support Assistant tool to take care of its health. Now, all software and driver updates are at your mouse-click, and you can keep a tab on the PC health through the application-dashboard. In case of issues, it will also help you to get connected with experts in no time.

However, calling HP Technical Help for every issue can be wastage of time. Try to be smart with the knowledgebase and video tutorials available on the portal. It has been designed in a user-friendly way so that you can hunt your solution easily. You will find different categories, including “Download drivers and software”, “Troubleshoot a problem”, “Setup, install and configure”, “Perform regular maintenance”, “Upgrade and migrate”, “Recycle and dispose”, and more. Each section is quite broad in itself to house comprehensive solution for all HP products. Select your product, model number, date of purchase, etc. to narrow down the search, and pull out the legitimate update or solution. For any doubt, you can have answer from the FAQs section, or by real-time chat or email (with response in about an hour). You can also be a part of HP repair and troubleshooting by signing-in with consumer support forum powered by HP or some reliable third-party tech support provider.

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