Kenya on Saturday urged African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) member states to rally behind a strengthened multilateral system that is key to enhance the fight against global challenges like poverty, climate change and violent extremism.

William Ruto, the deputy president said that unity among countries in the global south is key to inject vitality in multilateral engagements and advance inclusive growth, peace and environmental sustainability.

“We must commit ourselves to a more dynamic multilateralism in order to overcome challenges in sustainable development, achieve inclusive growth, peace and prosperity for our citizens,” said Ruto.

He spoke during the 110th session of the ACP council of ministers summit that was a precursor to the 9th summit of ACP heads of state and government to be held next week in Nairobi.

Kenya will from Dec. 9 to 10 host leaders from the ACP group of states who are expected to adopt a declaration reaffirming their commitment to a rules-based global order.

Ruto said that countries in the global south can leverage strategic partnerships, sharing of knowledge, skills and expertise to promote good governance, peace, security and green development.

“Our fraternal ties that are anchored on the spirit of south-south cooperation, will accelerate socio-economic development and peaceful coexistence among communities,” said Ruto.

He said that the empowerment of women and youth will hasten the realization of shared prosperity and cohesion among ACP member states.

Patrick Ignatius Gomes, secretary-general of ACP Group of States said that developing countries have an obligation to promote dynamism in the multilateral system amid fissures linked to rising of right-wing populism in the west.

“The unity and solidarity of ACP member states is key to promote a multilateral order that guarantees justice and people-centered development,” said Gomes.

He said that the 79 ACP member states should create a platform to facilitate sharing of knowledge, technologies and innovations required to respond to challenges like climate change, disease and hunger. Enditem


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