BBC World Service has acquired new digital investment which will enable the station to reach new audiences in Africa.

BBC World Service

The new edition ensures that English-speaking internet users on the continent will see far more African news stories, features and video on the front page, while the section, dedicated to African news, will also see significant enhancements.

According to BBC, with its news gathering presence in 48 countries of the continent, the it has more reporters in Africa than any other broadcaster therefore, the launch of the Africa edition of will bring more of the stories produced by the BBC journalists, and their unique understanding of the subjects they are covering, to digital platforms.

Now users coming to from any African country will see a home page more relevant to the continent, with more live developments on moving news and sports stories as well as enhanced coverage of health, technology and business, in text, pictures, audio and video. The Africa edition will provide more expert analysis from the BBC reporters to explain the issues behind the headlines and in-depth features on a broad range of topics, to give a balanced portrayal of the vibrant African continent.

BBC Africa Editor Solomon Mugera said, BBC covers Africa like no other international broadcaster and that the new digital proposition serves as an excellent framework for our significant presence and deep understanding of the continent.



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