Erotic Night
Erotic Night
Erotic Night
Erotic Night

By Nana Sampson

Bliss of red candle flame
Dance on a cold unforgiving harmattan wind
Outside the window stands that monstrous thing
Its branches cast shadow on my ceiling that partly dims
The moon,shyly,hides half of her face
In a misty cloud that partly rayed
My neatly laid bed failed to hide its countenance
Of well pressed white nylon sheet
Stained with blood from fresh cut red roses
Bed in roses
Around it with an evilish cinnamon aura
Blended with aura of the goddess herself,Himeros
Its 11:43pm
Hunts the soul of this prideful night
Night in nights buried in delight
shrouds my manners

The devil in me
Sees this naked angel with glee
I look deep into ur anxious soul
Through ur sparkling nervous eyes
I see the desire
I see the fire
I see the fright that creeps out of you when you see my gigantic third leg
Yes,there,in your temple it shall gladly worship
Let me hold your body in my arms
Let me ego face the perils
of your supple skin
Let me perish with your warm breath
I feel your body vibrate as I kiss your temple
My middle finger thrust deep into your dimple
My lips locked within yours
I lick-suck your lower lip with higher heights of sensations
Carelessly massage your toungue with mine
My lips and yours still intertwined
My fingers walks down the slope of your cleavage
I stare in awe of your pear shaped twin towers
Bt that doesnt prevent me from squeezing the life out of your right breast
Till you gush out a lustful breath
I crush your diamond nipples with my golden fingers
I suck that breast as though I was taking my last breath of life
My hand craws down your smooth skin
Parting its way through your warm inviting thighs
Up and down,up and down again
Finding a place to settle
I thrust deep with my index finger
Till you gave out a loud moan
I realized our anxiety have grown
My tongue playfully wanders the hairs on your abdomenYou push my head down with your thighs up
What happens next,the end will tell

Breathing starts to increase
Panting harder
Wanting you now than ever
Your body inviting
Moulding itself into mine
Thighs parted anticipating
Demanding my body’s presence
Obligingly, I settle between them
So slowly at first bodies moving in time
Reaching deeper with depths of passion
lust consuming us both
Animalistic instincts taking over
With your hands squeezing my butts
I thrust deep and forth
As you literary plead for mercy
Faster we ride our primeval lust
Peaking explosively together
Squirting out the last ounce of shyness
Screaming my name in orgasm
Your body bucks with mine
We are as,one,engulfed in each other

Author: Nana Sampson/ThePrinceLive.Com


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