A card printer is more or less what it sounds like i.e. a printer that is especially designed to print cards. In most cases, it refers to a printer that is designed to print only one kind of card, which is plastic ID cards. For most small businesses, investing in a card printer is unnecessary. However, it is something that large businesses should certainly consider.

Why Buy a Card Printer?

The right card printer allows you to quickly produce plastic ID cards. If you are a large organisation the chances are you will regularly turnover staff. When you employ somebody new the last thing you want to do is to wait a week for their ID cards to arrive. Having to do so can stop them from starting as soon as possible. For this reason, it makes sense to invest in a machine that will allow you to print your own plastic ID cards.

Printing your own ID cards is a more secure way of producing your ID cards.

You keep the design of your ID card private and within your company. It is more difficult for somebody to steal your design and make false ID cards.

The best printers allow you to add layers of security to your card. For example include a photograph or watermark.

Where to Buy a Card Printer

You will rarely, if ever, see card printers for sale on the High Street. They are not stocked by regular stationers.

If you want to buy a card printer for your business the internet is by far the best place to do it. Online you get a far better choice and it is easier to shop around and find a printer that meets your exact needs. In addition, you can easily compare prices and buy a good printer for less. However, make sure that the card printer you buy is up to the job. Check that it is easy to buy replacement ink ribbons and new supplies of plastic cards for it. Also, make sure that you buy a printer, which comes with a good warranty.

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