When romance, style, grandness and luxury, all these are put together, it takes the form of a luxury train tour by the name of Indian Maharaja. A true reflection of its name, this luxury train presents the royal spirit of Indian land in its interiors, services and above all the experience that this train journey offers to its guests. The Indian Maharaja sparkles like a polestar in the firmament of luxury train traveling in this Asian subcontinent.

With the technological boom worldwide, India is also taking its step forward towards a new dawn. Indian Maharaja offers a journey that presents the grandness of its past and its acceptance of modern ways of life. All modern amenities with a blend of regal class services and tasteful décor make each day of your journey a new experience altogether. A journey on iron wheels covering northern and the western part of the country truly mounts to the expectation of each traveler.

Unfolding the glamour of Indian courtesy, the guests are given a traditional style welcome on the starting day of journey.

A tour to India discovers the diversity of this land in terms of its culture, weather and landscape. Thus Indian Maharaja gives you the scope to discover the history of the land, its far stretching deserts, azure deep oceans, the city of lakes, its impenetrable forests and its glorious monuments hymning the saga of the bygone era.

P>The presence of posh facilities such as swanky fitness center, rejuvenating spa, well stoked bar, onboard conferencing in the conference hall, 24 hour assistance and doctor on call give a perfect spirit to your luxury jaunt.

Each of its facilities are so modeled to suit the need of every guest and to provide them a regal onboard experience. The onboard high speed internet connectivity gives a full support to the guests who are into a business tour.

The interior décor of the train represents the artistic bent of mind of its visionary. Each item used for the interior décor is placed with ultimate artistry and reflects perfection in its presentation. The use of artificial and natural light compliments the color of each compartment. Mildness and vibrancy of colors and textures is a visual retreat to the passengers. The wood furnishing, curtains and designer carpets seem to harmonize each other in their presentation and arrangement.

In the genre of luxury train traveling, Indian Maharaja is a name that adds on brilliance, gaiety and grandeur. The sumptuous foods and drinks offered by the train not only fulfill the appetite of your taste buds but titillate them too. Sharing a choicest glass of wine with your loved one onboard while enjoying the scenic beauty is such an experience that remains with you forever. Moreover, a pampering spa and body massage onboard make you discover the glamorous side in you. A holiday is not only visiting some places or spending some time together; it’s more than that. Thus, feel the grandness of ‘king size’ holiday experience in this upcoming season with a train that revives the royal Indian lifestyle before your eyes.

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