University Students Association of Ghana (USAG)
University Students Association of Ghana (USAG)

The leadership of the University Students’ Association of Ghana (USAG) is disappointed with the composure of the current government towards students especially university students in Ghana.

Over the past few years, we have been faced with serious problems such as discrimination in the distribution of the national cake, discrimination in placement, unemployment, expensive school fees, dumsor, corruption, higher taxes on private university education, and series of strikes.

University students upon facing these numerous challenges never engaged in any violence rather we used the appropriate channel to inform government of all the challenges we face, only to be met with a government that is unwilling to listen.

These problems led to a huge number of students either diferring their programs of study or dropping out of school because, the toad likes water but not when the water is hot.

Government upon realising her abysmal performance in the educational sector condoned and connived with the electoral commission to disenfranchise students through several media.

We on this note sound a serious warning to the electoral commission to refrain from imposing an incompetent government on us because our minds are already made up for change.

We are coming out in our numbers to vote for change!!!

We have considered the need for jobs and employment after school as well as the availability of support such as bursaries and scholarships for those who will be fortunate to progress to the masters level and the economic future of mother Ghana and we believe that CHANGE IS A MUST.


University Education; A key for national development.
*God bless USAG!!!*
*God bless Ghana!!!*

Henry NKOSUO Boakye
President, University Students’ Association of Ghana (USAG).

Joseph Abu – Bonsra Antwi
Coordinating Secretary

Pamela Ohemaa Sarpomaah Dwomo
General Secretary


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