HarisVodafone Ghana?s Chief Executive Officer, Haris Broumidis says in order to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban in Ghana, telecommunication providers have to find a more cost efficient way to roll out into rural Ghana.

?Speaking at a West Africa Telecom Summit in Accra, Vodafone Ghana?s CEO proposed voluntary network sharing as a more efficient model that will ensure growth and create a win-win situation for operators, rural communities and government.

He explained that active sharing will allow operators to cover areas that do not make economic sense, since the cost of deploying service is expensive.

?Active infrastructure sharing agreements will allow operators to pull resources together, and use their spectrum assets more efficiently, through a more effective network planning and deployment that maximizes network coverage and capacity,? he said.


He however believes this can only be achieved if government supports a more flexible sharing arrangement between operators.


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