It is basically an IT professional training and certification program that covers the products of Hwelett Packlard. This program is intended to help HP customers, employees, partners, resellers, and employees. They are expected to develop, manage and maintain their IT expertise. The basic elements of this program are training, certification and community.


Certification programs have the quality of validating a person’s acquired knowledge and mastering a specific set of skills. A certification program from a reputed organization like HP will go a long way to help you grow in your career. This program is exclusively aimed at making a person efficient in working with specific HP products and solutions.

You are required to pass an examination post the course to be able to certified HP ExpertONE and enjoy its benefit. There is training available for candidates to successfully pass this exam.

Training Availability

If you intend to take up HP ExpertONE certification course then you may enroll for the training classes. These are optional and not mandate.  These classes are available in to form of instructor led courses, virtual labs and classes. You can also find online course material that will help you prepare for the examination. The training is merely recommended and not a mandate who wishes to take this certification examination.

Types of Certification

If you intend to take up HP ExpertONE certification course then you must know that they are two types of certification HP2-B91 courses.

These career certifications are for IT professional who cater to multiple job roles. This certification course will validate you as an individual who has both knowledge and skill to design, operate, support, maintain and implement an IT environment.

The HP Expertone Community

The three primary set of offerings under the ExpertONE community is knowledge, connection market place. Knowledge is focused on the technical ability of an IT professional to need to perform better. The knowledge portal will allow you to access critical information, software downloads, tools and reference architecture that is provided by both HP and other experts from the concerned industry. On the other hand the market place community of ExpertONE is a future event that will act as a virtual meeting place of members who can offer or source their expertise. The third element of ExperONE community is the connections. This helps to facilitate the relations among people. The connections at place in both public and private forums like webinars, blogs which are headed by HP experts. These are usually followed by interactive sessions and feedback.

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