The computer monitor of today’s generation has come with its own history, starting from the very first computer unit to the present-day large LEDs. Through technology, there have been innovations that have enabled the growth of personal computers together with the industry’s development of varied online services. The current monitor designs have now outnumbered the original designs, which are CRT screens.

To understand fully how today’s modern technology of monitors came out, this article will reveal the history of the development of computer monitors.

Back in 1980, almost all monitors offered were of terminals. These were the “video display terminal” (VDT) box attached to a keyboard.

Terminals can be configured to function with any computer type available in the market. However, there were not many personal computers to select from. Serial interface were used to attach computers to terminals. During this time, video terminal display was commonly known as “Cathode Ray Tube.”  

In 1987, IBM started offering “video graphics array.” This technology permitted 256 varied colours display and 640 by 480 resolution. This model has become the pattern for standard computer monitors. However, the displays were only limited to text.

Before the emergence of DOS, the operating system that was dominant for 8-bit computer utilization was “control program for microprocessors” (CP/M).

The very first microprocessor machines were basically designed to make use of different memories for discrete keyboards and video display mapped devices. The most popular was VDM-1. The first game machines and computers of Apple II were already attached to a monitor, unlike the terminal in the previous model. Some of its examples are Nintendo, Coleco and Atari.

Monitors appeared similar to television sets, only without a tuner. However, some were actually television sets. Commoders V20, 128 and 64 were some of the early computers that could operate with nearly any set of television. Back then, they have RF adapters that were attached to the television’s antenna.

In 1990, LCD monitors came out. It included features like compact design and enhanced resolution of display. In 2000, these monitors officially replaced CRT as the dominating PC type. There are computer manufacturers that create varied computer monitor designs, like Dell. Dell monitors adopt the latest technology and have various options for different users.

Presently, computer monitors are now of the LED type. This model already has monitor innovations that allow the user to use less power with great color and resolution display.

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