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climate change

Experts call for urgent action in Africa to combat climate change

As adverse effects of climate change become more apparent across Africa, experts call for urgent execution of deliberate actions to contain the extreme climate...
UN Security Council

UN official says situation in Africa’s Sahel region continues to deteriorate

A high-ranking United Nations official told the Security Council on Wednesday that the situation in Africa's Sahel region continues to deteriorate as terrorist attacks...

Africa: Urgent action needed to mobilise domestic resources as tax revenues plateau

The average tax-to-GDP ratio for the 26 countries participating in the new edition of Revenue Statistics in Africa was unchanged at 17.2% for the...

Disability Rights Charity Advocates for Urgent Action on NDS

Despite progress, many persons living with disability still face varying forms of discrimination in Ghana today, according to a disability rights group, Sronko diaries...
Conflicts in the Great Lakes Region have common features relating to governance issues, identity division, structural violence, exploitation and access to natural resources and land, and so on (Photo: Gallo Images/Reuters/Goran Tomasevic)

Rights activists seek urgent action to end violent conflicts in Africa

Human rights activists and experts are looking for possible ways to end violent conflicts and civil wars now tearing apart some African countries such...

FAO calls for concerted efforts at fighting avian flu in West Africa

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has called for an urgent action to fight avian flu in West Africa, a statement released here on...
30 countries

World diplomats agree on ?urgent? action against Islamic State

The foreign ministers of close to 30 countries agreed at a meeting in Paris Monday to support Iraq "by any means necessary" in fighting...