People who travel for business or pleasure often have difficulty packing all the items they would like to bring. There are some useful tips that can help travelers pack for their trip in a more efficient manner.

Conserving Space Inside the Suitcase

One of the easiest ways to conserve space inside a travel bag or suitcase is to bring fewer garments. This can be accomplished by creating outfits that can be put together using mix and match items. The best items for creating various outfits are those in solid colors. Navy blue or black pants and skirts can be used as a base for several different outfits. A matching blazer or jacket will instantly turn the outfit into a business suit.

When traveling for a summer vacation, shorts in colors of blue, black and white can be paired with several different types of shirts to create new outfits for every day of the trip. Sandals take up less space when they are flat. Placing shoes so the tops face each other with the heels at opposing ends is the best way to pack them for saving space. A pair of black flats for women can be worn with both casual and semi-formal outfits reducing the need to bring an additional pair of shoes.

Another way to reduce the amount of space used by garments packed inside a suitcase is to roll them up rather than fold and pack them flat. This trick also reduces the amount of wrinkles garments have when taken out of the bag.

Packing Personal Hygiene Items and Accessories

When packing personal hygiene products it is helpful to use a travel case designed specifically to hold these items. The case can then be conveniently tucked into the side of a travel bag where all of the items will remain secure.

An alternative to using the travel case is to place shampoo bottles and soaps inside a large plastic bag with a zippered closure. This also keeps the items secure and can be easily tucked between garments or along the side of the bag.

Personal accessories such as jewelry, scarves, handbags and hats should also be selected to mix and match with the garments being packed. Jewelry made of gold or silver can be used to accessorize more outfits than jewelry made of colored beads. A fashion scarf with a multicolored print can be used to accentuate several different outfits by picking up the colors used in the print.

Items Not Always Needed

People who plan to stay in hotels do not usually need to pack portable coffeemakers or blow dryers. When reserving a hotel room, it can be helpful to ask if the room or front desk can supply items such as coffeemakers, blow dryers and steam irons to reduce the amount of items which need to be packed. If these items are not provided and they are essential, keep in mind that single cup coffeemakers and foldable blow dryers will use less space than full size products.

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