These days mobile apps have changed our life a lot, finding any address is childs play now thanks to map services easily available on our finger tips and credit goes to mobile app (that too freely available). Finding a supplier or manufacture of a particular item or even searching for the service provider was never so easy without the mobile apps. These smart apps have revolutionized our working style.

Mobile has come a long way from calling and messaging to gaming, Email, Internet Browsing etc. With the introduction of new range of Smart phones by major manufacturer the mobile application development field has been revolutionized. We call these devise smart phone due to the reason of using software application on them.

Intelligence of the application run on these hand held devise making them even smarter. The main advantage of the mobile application is that now user is freed from the sitting on his desk to use a particular business application or simply browsing website.
First and foremost basic requirement of mobile application development is to select a platform to support the application. This is the primary limitation of mobile application. Application developed for one platform does not work properly on other or sometimes it does not work at all, currently there are few popular platforms in use namely, Android, iPhone, Windows mobile, Symbian and Blackberry. Selecting right platform for mobile application development is the key to success.

Target Audience
Second important issue we need to consider or you can also put this on first place that the target group of user we are aiming for application.

Because application development is always success or failure depends on the user. How comfortable user feels with these handheld devise is crucial for success of the application.

Primary consideration for target audience should be business or individual. Here business should be considered as group of people associated with a organization, going to use the application.
Deployment of mobile application is also deciding factor in success of the application. We must plan the deployment of the application properly. One should also consider the cast involved in rolling of the application. Freely downloadable app gets popularity easily. Ease in getting the application up on mobile makes it appealing to the end user.

Common deployment channels are Apple App StoreAmazon App StoreBlackBerry App WorldGoogle PlayNokia Store Microsoft Windows Phone Store

All those are in the field of software application development are need to be ready for this new scenario where all your existing systems are going to be handled through these tiny pocket size devise.

With this we would like to conclude here that the mobile application development is new era of computing, where technology making us free from all the boundaries. Now any information can be accessed from anywhere without going to any desktop or even laptop. Websites are also going to be accessed from mobile and more and more companies are switching to mobile supported website. As the smart phones are getting cheaper it?s certainly going to boom in the mobile application development.

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