CATT Ltd SharePoint team has enriched their expertise by starting early development efforts since release of MOSS 2007 beta. Our team provides offshore services for installing, configuring, developing customized web parts, customized migration, troubleshooting implementation issues & solutions that use Windows SharePoint Services, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint 2010.

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-oriented platform for collaboration and document management. The solution can be used to create various web-sites with shared documents or dedicated applications.

SharePoint Capabilities makes it irresistible for businessmen to have a SharePoint development done for their business.  The advantages of the SharePoint Development are many.

SharePoint consulting help people to work as a group. They can work collectively to achieve a common goal. One can share documents and any other information.

They can also protect their information SharePoint technologies provide an extensible solution platform for the professional Microsoft .NET developer, and offer a wide array of built-in features and application hosting using well-known .NET development tools and technologies.

SharePoint has many areas of functionality that can be extended and customized by developers.  Although writing code for a SharePoint application is not so different from a standard ASP.NET application, there can be many challenges that developers face, especially with understanding how the code should execute within SharePoint as well as some of the best practices of using SharePoint’s API, code security, code testability and solution packaging for deployment.

With the help of SharePoint Communities one has the flexibility to access all data in one platform.

SharePoint helps to share and access information and it provides control over operations, Regulates work flow, Minimize errors, Enables to be up to date, Maintain and improve customer base.

SharePoint products and technologies give a wide range of advantages not only to developers, but also to separate users and organizations of any level.

CATT Ltd SharePoint team also provides a complete cycle of end-to-end consulting from planning to design to implementation of SharePoint Solutions.

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