“The document caused a serious error the last time it was opened” is one of the serious error message and due to this reason either the file will be opened or does not opens at all. The completely depends upon the level of corruption. The error message might also be displayed every time when you try to open the document till the problem gets resolved. The Microsoft Office has the inbuilt Mechanism that add file with some very serious error message. All the files that are added in the list shows the warning message whenever user tries to open it.

Some possible error might get unexpected termination of the program, system crash and many more. Moreover the file also gets many other problems due to corruption in case it is opened even after that warning. Due to this reason it becomes important to resolve the error message and the corruption problem.

At first it is important to remove the required file from the disabled files in the MS Office.  For this one would have to follow the steps that are mentioned below if you are using MS Excel 2003: At first run the MS Excel applicationIn the Help menu one would have to click on the MS Program optionThen in the “About” dialog box, one would have to disable the items button.In addition to this in the disabled items list one would have to select the required fileAt last click on Enable and then close it.

In case you are using the MS Excel 2007 then follow the steps that are given below:

At first run MS Excel application then open the Office Button. For this click on the Program Name options.After this one would have to click on the Add-Ins tabThen in the Manage list, and after that disable the items and then click on Go button.At last click on the required file and then click on the Enable button.

Even if after following all these steps the problem does not get resolved then one would have to use third party software known as Mac data recovery software to perform Excel Recovery Mac.

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