Las vegas is an exciting vibrant city good for a weekend getaway or as a base to explore Northern Arizona and the Grand Canyon. Entertainment, casinos, restaurants, shopping and shows all vie for your hard earned vacation dollars.

So what can you do that’s not going to eat away at your money? Fortunately, even in Vegas, there are plenty of things to see and do that will not break the bank.

People watching – free, all it costs is time.
Photography Project – no cost if you already own the equipment.
Window Shopping – so this one carries a risk of not being so free.
Theme Hotels – think of las vegas and you’ll probably think exciting and glamorous hotels as much as casinos.
Clark County Amphitheatre – an eclectic mix of free entertainment.
Interactive Fountains – free but you have to pay for coffee if you sit in a cafe to watch.
Circus Circus – thrills of the big top.
Chocoholics – M&M World – chocolate need we say more.
Stratosphere Tower – amazing views day and night.

People Watching

Not sure about you but I can while away a whole weekend watching interesting people and the Las Vegas Strip has to be one of the best places in the world to enjoy this sport.

Youthful optimism of the gambler entering the casino, peacocks just wanting to be seen, this vibrant city offer many opportunities to people watch.

Photography Project.

If you already own a camera, flash cards and a computer you are set up to see Las Vegas in a whole new light.

Don’t just point and shoot but become a photojournalist and plan your project. People. places, street entertainment, flashy automobiles, light shows and hotels are all possible projects. Day time, evening, night or early morning each provides for a new take on a popular destination. When you get home create your own book project with one of the popular online book creation websites or share online with friends and family.

Window Shopping

Start in the Forum shops at Caesars a 24 hour experience. If you are a night bird the early hours of the morning gives you a clear run.The Forum and its 160 stores, selling clothes, food, jewelry and more, is just the tip of what this location has to offer. Think street theatre and entertainment, fountains and architecture, singers, musicians and mimes. Paris, The Venetian and other hotels also offer this entertainment.

Theme Hotels

Theme hotels are Las vegas. Everything from the Hard Rock with its displays of rock ‘n’ Roll memorabilia to the fantasy theme of the Excalibur, a favourite with children of all ages.

Clark County Amphitheatre

Situated in Downtown Las Vegas this is a  popular place to rest and enjoy a wide range of free public entertainment. During the day lunchtime concerts attract workers from the city and in the evenings enjoy “Jazz in the Park”, folk festivals and barbershop quartets. Details can be found in the local press.

Interactive Fountains

Bring your kids for this refreshing piece of free fun, but bring swimming costumes or a change of clothes. Holes the size of quarters shoot random jets of water into the air while participants dash amongst them. Join in or sit at a local cafe watching the fun. You’ll find these fountains at the Green Valley town center.

Circus Circus.

For over 30 years Circus Circus has entertained visitors with the thrills of the big top. Free shows take place every 30 minutes so you can keep coming back, during your stay, and enjoy new experiences.

Chocoholics – M&M World.

When I first read about this I thought they were talking about a major movie company, but no, this is all about those candy covered chocolate treats. Includes a 3-D movie but with kids in tow it will probably cost you a bag of these candy treats.

Stratosphere Tower

A 40 second express elevator ride to the top gives you extraordinary views. During the day you may be able to see as far as California and parts of Northern Arizona. Night time might be the best with views of the incredible lights of Glitter Gulch and the Strip.

And there’s more.

Las Vegas provides plenty of opportunity to spend money, not always wisely but with plenty of fun. Fortunately, there are more than enough free activities and events to see and do that don’t cost a cent. Great for people on a budget and those who have lost their shirt.
Word of warning – whenever travelling do a little research before you go. At the time of writing all these activities were available and free. Things do change. Good news is that this is just the tipof the iceberg list of free things to do in Las vegas.

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