Using online remote support to address IT issues is a common practice. But there are some risks associated with using such web based support service that poses the danger of exposing your internal corporate network on the internet. Although this kind of support solution offers security controls, like Secure socket layer logins, data encryption capabilities and multiple layers of firewalls and gateways there is still the risk of getting subject to Web service’s security vulnerabilities. With online remote support you can do away with the overhead cost of hardware or software required for VPNs and service provider can access your computer using any web browser. This naturally raises the security concerns, which if not properly addressed, can give your IT staff sleepless nights.

Risk of granting access to online remote support service provider

Allowing third party service providers to access your company systems can always be risky.

Online remote support permits the service provider to control your computer’s desktop to run programs, etc over the LAN, WAN, and through the Internet. So even if there is no spiteful intent involved, remote access should be strictly controlled and kept under strong vigilance. Let us discuss some potential threats and other technical and business dangers of providing a third part vendor remote access to your office network.

First, by letting an outsider access your system, you put your IT security at stake. Say if the service vendor has feeble controls, then it makes your company systems susceptible to malware and threats from hackers, who make their way to your network. Besides, by availing such kind of support service you will jeopardize your business and reputation. If the vendor’s system is infringed to get malicious access to your system, your company name will provide fodder to the newspapers for all the wrong reasons. Bad press will push away current and prospective customers and may subject you to unwanted regulatory review.

Preventing unregulated access through online remote support

Unrestricted external access allows for ways to dodge technical controls such as firewalls. The hackers can have a field day circumventing these access controls and breaking into your office network. In order to avoid such adverse situation, you need to take some precautionary measures. Prior to getting into contract with the vendor, conduct a thorough risk assessment to ensure they meet your security standards including physical and network safety and access and administrative controls. An onsite visit to their IT facilities, their data center might be helpful. You might want also to have a written document covering all the security policies from the vendor’s end to be on the safe side.

Next, rigorously check access to your systems. Make arrangement for the online remote support service provider to access only a segment of your network that is isolated from the internal network by firewalls. Only specific IP addresses can be access by the third party and too for limited time period under strict vigilance.


Everything said and done, online remote support offers an easy way of catering to your employees’ or end users’ remote pc tech support assistance requirement in cost effective way. So do everything needful to regulate the access to your office systems and good to use online remote support service.

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