Food is often the mainstay of a camping trip with the family. The variety of portable camping stoves can provide you with the tool you need to prepare any type of food your family wants to eat.
Inclement weather can cause some challenges for campers. Today, the variety of portable camping stoves can assure you proper nutrition on the most primitive of camping trips. They are truly up to the challenge.
There are varieties of fuels that can be used. You may want a stove that is propane fueled, using a canister, or unleaded gas fueled which makes finding fuel very easy. There are also solid fuel stoves which are powered by gel packs. Depending on the type of camping you are doing and your packing space, there will be a perfect stove for your adventure. There are also stoves that are duel fueled. You will have a choice of fuels. If you run out, you can find an alternative from another camper or camp store.
Backpacking may require more compact camping stoves that are lightweight and easy to use on long hiking trips. They fold up to a compact size and take up less room in your vehicle as well. Single burner stoves are preferable for backpacking or long hikes. They are lighter and more compact than the two burner models. If you are camping away from campgrounds, you will probably be well advised to take a single burner portable camping stove.
Double burner portable camping stoves offer you many options for your family meal. You can prepare multiple dishes in half the time. The variety of food that you can prepare is doubled as well. If breakfast is your passion, you can perk your coffee on one burner while your eggs cook on another. With a little bit of shopping, you can find a double burner with a pullout tray for your toast as well.
Before you leave on your camping trip, be sure your stove is in perfect working order. Be sure all of the gaskets, hoses and seals are functioning properly. This step will help to avoid inhalation of gas fumes and potential fire. Lubricate your gaskets to prevent sparks and ensure a tight fit.
It is very likely that your first step in choosing a portable camping stove will be your budget. As with most things, the more versatile the camping stoves, the higher the cost. Find the stove that has the specific features you need to make your camping trip everything you want it to be.
The second option may be weight. If you are backpacking, you will need a lightweight stove. Does your family go on lengthy hikes and eat along the way? If so you need to scale down your weight and the amount of things you take with you. There are specific backpacking stoves that are available.If you spend the day away from your campsite and come back for meals, a double burner portable camping stove may be better suited to your needs. It will give you the versatility you desire.

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