Hotel accommodation has its advantages especially if you are traveling alone. However, if you are traveling with your family a far better option is to rent a serviced apartment in Melbourne where you can enjoy the freedom and independence including conveniences such as ordering in or cooking your own meals which is not permitted in hotels. Serviced apartments come fully equipped, which means you can be as flexible as you like, and you can save money on food expenses by purchasing easy cook meals. You can tailor your accommodation choice and select an apartment to suit your family needs such as space and service level. The properties are maintained to a very high standard and provide a high standard of service.

Melbourne has many fine serviced apartment options from budget to luxury. Which are available in different price ranges and are located in various parts of the city, and there are a wide range of serviced apartments Melbourne CBD that are suitable for all budgets and tastes.

Apartments do not have star rating as hotels do; however, apartments run from very basic to affordable to luxury to ultra luxurious. For example luxurious serviced apartments are very large and have more than one bathroom as well as a private terrace and either a spa or Jacuzzi included. Serviced apartments include flat screen TV’s, internet access, and beautiful views of Melbourne city. Serviced apartments are fully equipped with in room washers and dryers as well as on site laundry facilities. Standard Services include regular clean linen, cleaning services, 24/7 emergency phone numbers. You can specify any extras such as concierge and leisure facilities when booking online or through a travel agent. The staff is friendly and caring and will attend to your requests at all times. Hotels on the other hand only provide you with a room large enough for two people, including a cupboard and a bathroom all in one area. Renting a serviced apartment especially when traveling with children means the kids will have their own bedroom which allows you to enjoy more privacy.

You have the option to stay in Melbourne city centre where all the action is or you can choose an apartment on the outskirts of the city. Either way you will be close to transport and the main attractions. You are free to come and go whenever, as there are no restricted meal times as in hotels, and the kids can eat whatever they please as they won’t be restricted to a set menu. You also get the opportunity to live like the locals even though you are on vacation, which you would not be able to do in a hotel.

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