President of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), Prof. Francis Dodoo, is reported to have stated earlier before the commencement of the London 2012 Olympic Games that Team Ghana will come home with medals.

The GOC President made this known after meeting with Ghana?s High Commissioner to the UK before the Olympic Fiesta while assuring teeming fans back home that all was well.

He explained that the athletes were well motivated to do mother Ghana proud and also believed Team Ghana was being represented by some of the best athletes in the world.

According to him, the athletes knew the importance of winning medals at the Olympics and its impact on their careers. The GOC Boss was 75% sure that these athletes would not come home empty handed and that they will definitely bring medals.

He was also reported to have said that all the athletes needed was massive support in these trying moments for them to put up their best performances.

The London 2012 Olympic Games ended recently and Professor Francis Dodoo and Team Ghana won nothing at all after months of horn blowing that this was the right time to shine at the Olympics.

These are the sort of Professors who have perfect academic backgrounds who think they know so much that they are second to none yet when they are given the mantle to perform tasks critical to Ghana?s development they end up fumbling with unprecedented abysmal results.

Ghana first participated at the Olympic Games in 1952, when it was known by the colonial name of Gold Coast. The nation has sent athletes to compete in most Summer Olympic Games since then, missing the 1956 Games, boycotting the 1976 Games in protest of the participation of New Zealand (who still had sporting links with apartheid South Africa), and joining the American-led boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics. Ghana participated in the Winter Olympic Games for the first time in Vancouver in 2010.

Ghanaian athletes have won a total of four Olympic medals, three in boxing, and a bronze medal by the under-23 Ghana national football team in 1992.

The National Olympic Committee for Ghana was created in 1952 and recognized by the International Olympic Committee [IOC] that same year.

Shall we ask the good Professor Dodoo one question against his word? Please Prof where are the medals you promised to win for Ghana? If these results we are seeing today is anything to go by, then I am afraid the Professor must go to the classroom and teach because the very best he can do for mother Ghana is to teach in the classroom.

Beyond all reasonable doubts, this development should not be given any recognition whatsoever or blame games because the Professor has failed massively.The team only went to London to take fatty per diems with their girlfriends and family members at the expense of the taxpayer.

I do not blame him one bit at all because we live in this part of the planet earth where we think academicians are the only ones who have answers to our under-development problems. These are the sort of people we always celebrate in our society; so for how long shall we continue to celebrate mediocrity? Mediocrity is always supreme in all aspects of endeavour hence the time to learn from the past is now.

The Invincible Investigator in the coming weeks would embark on a vigorous campaign seeking for the total shut down of the GOC because it is a nothing short of national waste of resources.

Operation Shutdown GOC is in progress and would like to urge all Ghanaians concerned to join the campaign since it will do our dear nation a great deal of good.

I watched Professor Azuma Nelson on GTV Stage Africa Programme moments before the commencement of the London 2012 Olympic Games; many were those who descended on him tugging the legendary sports man, a Prophet of Doom.
As I watched from the comfort of my home, I realized that some things require just common sense to execute them rather than the book long way.

Watching him, the revelations of Professor Azumah Nelson on GTV STAGE AFRICA coming from a very rich experienced perspective could easily tell how our leaders of today have ignored common sense.

It is just simple logic that when it comes to international competitions of this nature, a country devotes a great deal of time to prepare athletes and boxers.
You don?t use one year or six months to prepare sportsmen for Olympic Games. A lot of years go into it. Let us prepare well for 2016 from this day and you will see the results Ghana would produce.

For me, I think that the GOC should go back to the drawing board and start preparing for Brazil 2016 Olympic Games from now because those successful countries we are admiring at the Olympics today, devoted a great deal of years to prepare. How can we just present athletes we are not sure of their health and mental readiness.
Professor Francis Dodoo has caused a big financial loss to the state and should be made to rectify the situation. The GOC Boss counted his chickens before they were hatched at the London Olympics because he was so optimistic as a result of a good show at the ECOWAS Games which was a dress rehearsal?but these kinds of backdoor games cannot be ultimately used to measure the standards at the international level simply because it is serious business at that high level.

Professor Francis Dodoo did not do us any good at all because we failed to win even a single medal. Some of our sportsmen and women could not even qualify from the preliminary stages of the competition. This was indeed a total flop.

This is the kind of results we are likely to produce in Brazil 2016 if Professor Francis Dodoo and his cohorts of Greedy Bastards at the GOC are not shown the exit as early as possible.

I think what the International Olympic Committee (IOC) needs to do the next time is to ban teams who fail to win even single medals at the Olympics because with this battle line no nation can take the Olympic games for granted.

Prof. this is highly unacceptable because we will not sit down for you and your group to spend our money on your girlfriends and family members with those fatty per diems.

Well for me, I say Professor Dodoo must go!!! This is because we will get to nowhere with his continued stay in office. So, are we trying to say that after months of confusion and thuggery over the election of GOC executives, the best result Professor Dodoo can offer is this? Oh Mother Ghana!!

We always have people just queuing up for positions and what they usually do is to produce little at the end. In fact, it is high time we said good-bye to this highest level of mediocrity and put the right people in charge.

Indeed!! Having watched Professor Azumah Nelson on GTV Stage Africa when the Programme celebrated the?boxing legend and all what he said, it manifests clearly that the boxing legend has been vindicated because he predicted a national flop at the Olympics and it came to pass.

This is what happens when you plan poorly for competitions like these. We will always come back home and cry for nothing!!!!!!!!!!! I urge those who are against this crusade to also draw the battle line. I rest my case.




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