Have you ever thought what will you do if all of your data has been lost? What if all the data you have lost also had the most important data which you can?t afford to lose? Well in that case first advice will be creating ?Backup? of your data because prevention is much better than cure. It will be better option to create ?Backup? before losing your data.
First of all let?s focus on the term ?Backup?. Creating backup means to copy files to a second medium as a precautionary measure in case the first medium where your original data was saved fails, you have a secondary option available to restore desired data. It is recommended by many professionals that you should make a backup of all your files for safety. And you should also keep one backup in a different location.
Even the most trustworthy computers nowadays have chances to break down eventually. Use of internet and other corrupted hardware devices can corrupt your computer because of virus attacks. Or sometimes hardware failure can also lead to file corruption or it can damage your data files.
So it becomes vital to create ?Backup? for your safety purpose. And this article will let you know how to create and restore backup.
Now question arises how to create ?Backup?? In some Operating Systems such as Windows 2000 and XP, NTBackup Utility application is inbuilt, this utility helps to create and restore backup data, and hence our lost data can be recovered. This application creates BKF files which can be stored at desired location thus saving your data from any threat of loss.
But this NTBackup Utility is not present in Windows Vista and advance version of Windows Operating Systems. So, NTBackup Utility was replaced by ?Windows Backup and Restore?, which uses the Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) file format.
Restoring the BKF files is as easy as its creation. We can restore the backup files either in the same or in different location. Process is simple and can be executed by a technical or a non-technical person. On Win XP, the BKF file can be restored with NTBackup tool while on Win7 and Vista, NTBackup Restore utility can be downloaded.

But problem comes when we want to restore backup BKF in Windows 8. To open BKF file Windows 8, there is a third party tool named?SysTools BKF Recovery?that allows restoring BKF on any of the Windows platform including XP to Win8. This acclaimed solution provides users to restore and extract information from BKF files.


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