Tazteeq stole a few minutes out of Dillish?s very busy schedule to catch up with her a day after her Big Brother Africa ? The Chase victory and this is what she had to say:

Can you describe the kind of house you are going to buy?

I want a little comfortable home. I want to make sure each one of my siblings have their own rooms finally. Give my mother the kitchen she?s always wanted and get myself that 62 inch television set I?ve always wanted. I am going to make it a comfortable house for everyone and not lavish at all.

How many siblings do you have?

Four, I am the oldest.

Are you planning to throw a huge party when you get back home?

(screams) Amen! Yes! I hope to do it and I sure will. I?m just not sure about inviting EVERYONE.

Is there any housemate you won?t invite?

I will invite all housemates. I loved all of them. If they don?t love me that?s their story, but I want everyone there and I will invite them.

So you didn?t have a least favourite in the house?

There are people that I didn?t get along with like Hakeem and Bolt but in the long run you forgive each other and move on. I really loved everyone and had no problem with them, I was just a princess (laughs)?

Who was your most favourite housemate?

Uhhhmm, definitely Bassey, Cleo, Elkem, Melvin, Maria and Betty.

Are you planning on keeping in touch with these guys?

Yes definitely. Elikem and I are planning to work together on a movie.

What are you looking forward to most about going home?

I just can?t wait to see my siblings; I can?t wait to see my family, the Namibian people and have those random chats. I just can?t wait to go back to my normal life.

Is Maria going to get anything out of your winnings since you entered together?

We had an agreement when we went into the house. We had no idea any of us would win and we agreed that if any of us wins we?d share some of the money. So I have to live up to the promise ? I am a woman of my word, so I?ll honour it. I owe her a little something.

Did you have any housemate you thought was your biggest competition in the house?

Uhhhmm for me, I didn?t even think I?d take the money so I didn?t even see anyone as competition until we became 14 or so. At some point I thought Oneal, Elikem or Sulu would take the money based on their characteristics. I even thought Natasha would win as she would wake up at 4am to clean the house.

If you didn?t win, which of the finalists would you have preferred to win the prize?

Definitely Cleo. She deserves it just as much as m. I wish there was some for her too ? it?s sad that there?s only one winner.

Why do you think Africa fell in love with you?

I don?t know hey. I really don?t. I?m still shocked that they chose me, you know?I mean after all I?m just a princess (laughs) ? nothing much. They kept on saving me time and again and I was like maybe I am doing something wrong? I didn?t understand how someone would stay all night and vote for me. I don?t know why they were in love with me, I?m all goofy and I was always minding my own business. I wasn?t controversial, coniving or backstabbing in order to win. So this year it?s like Africa changed their minds.

Who do you have to thank for all this?

Definitely God. Big Brother, Maria and everyone in Africa who voted for me.

Did you have a game plan and did it work?

I didn?t. I just jumped into the game and brought myself. If someone enters next year and asked me what to do, I?d tell them ?be yourself?, don?t try be someone else or copy someone else?s game plan, it helps being you ? all the time.


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