Alhaji Nii Markwei Dawda

The seeming rift between the Effia Constituency chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alidu Mohammed and the Propaganda Secretary of the party, Alhaji Nii Markwei Dawda over the GH?4,000 ?Waakye? brouhaha, turned spiteful last Tuesday when the chairman described the propaganda secretary as a mad person.

Speaking on Radio Silver, a radio station in Sekondi, Alidu told listeners that the Kwesimitsim Propaganda Secretary was a mad man who had been producing guns for armed robbers.

It would be recalled that the Kwesimitsim Propaganda Secretary of the NDC recently disclosed that Chairman Alidu had allegedly embezzled an amount of GH?24,000 meant for the biometric registration exercise prior to the 2012 elections and bought ?Waakye? on credit to the tune of GH?4,000.

Alhaji Dawda stated emphatically that the NDC would not win the Effia and Kwesimitsim seats in 2016 if Mohammed Alidu remained in office.

However, in an interview with Radio Silver on Tuesday, Mohammed Alidu asked the party activists to disregard Dawda.

Mohammed Alidu ignored pleas from the host of the morning show programme, Jones Kyeremanten to retract the statement and apologize.

Mohammed Alidu asked Alhaji Dawda to tell the truth to pave the way for reconciliation.

He reiterated that the NDC would win the Effia and Kwesimitsim seats through the hard work of the party members.

Earlier, Dawda reaffirmed that Mohammed Alidu embezzled money sent delivered by the national executives of the party for campaign.

He stressed that ?with this attitude by chairman Alidu there is no way NDC can win the Kwesimintsim and Effia constituency in any general elections.?

 From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi


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