Kelvin Kobiri, Chairman, Media Ghana and Dennis Bolcina, Founder, K3 Telecom

K3 TELECOM AG, a Swiss telecommunication company, recently partnered Media Ghana Limited to introduce its unique Triple Play services to Africa.

Per the joint venture, K3 Live Ghana will be building its own telecommunications network with a unique patented wireless technology known as K3 Lastsmile in Africa.

This will enable the company deliver unmatched internet speeds, voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephony and exciting television content.

The cooperation signals a great opportunity for the whole Africa in service delivery.

Ures Mlakar, Group CEO K3 Telecom, commenting on the partnership stated: ?Our technology arrives to solve the African challenge of last mile fiber delivery. It allows for the continent to tap into and complete the massive fiber optic infrastructure available on its shores.?

He added that K3 Live will embark on a 5-year plan that will see this solution in key African markets to drive and expand internet and content access.

Mike Cooke, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Media Ghana Limited, also noted that the partnership will see the value lines of content and access become one.?

The company?s Africa headquarters is in Ghana, which signals the continued strength of Ghanaian entrepreneur spirit and its economy.

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