What was supposed to be a regional rally by the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) turned to a ?jama? and dancing competition among various youth groups who converged at the Tamale Jubilee Park late Monday.

According to regional executives of the NDC, the rally was supposed to wrap up its campaigns in the Northern Region but DAILY GUIDE gathered it hit a snag.

The overhyped rally which was organized against fierce resistance from some bigwigs of the ruling party in the region was to counteract the mammoth regional rally organized by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) late last week, which was said to be the talk of town.

According to our sources, some NDC gurus, including deputy minister of state deemed the flopped rally as unnecessary in view of the fact that the timing was not appropriate.

But regional executives, in variance to these concerns, endorsed the rally, only for it to flop after huge sums of money were reportedly sunk into its organization.

The much touted rally, after failing to attract the needed attention of party supporters in the region, only saw dozens of supporters made up of some youth earlier in the day, removing the silencers of motorbikes and making noise on the principal streets of the metropolis.

In desperation to ensure that the crowd beat that of the NPP, supporters were bussed from various locations and constituencies to Tamale. However, they could not fill the grounds, as was seen during last week?s rally by the opposition party.

Some supporters allegedly assigned to go into town to distribute T-shirts and cash to lure persons to the grounds to achieve the objective for which the event was organized, came back downhearted.

This gave the leeway to the numerous dance troops to showcase their talents in attempt to beat other groups who also came from some constituencies for the event, to their skills.

The dancers and singers, without any recourse to what many said, only danced and chanted victory songs.

Pre-promotional radio advertisements claimed the NDC standard bearer, John Dramani Mahama, was billed to address supporters of the party but failed to turn up with excuse from organizers that he was having other equally important engagements in the national capital.

Many had expected the NDC to beat the NPP in terms of numbers   at the regional rally, as the North was tagged as one of the ?World Banks? of the ruling party, but were disappointed.

This however came on the heels of emerging reports of alleged machinations by the ruling party to sabotage the grand rally of the NPP.

According to our sources, management of the Metro Mass Transit (MMT) were directed to double hiring fees of their buses so that the NPP might not be able to transport their supporters to Tamale.

It was gathered that the NPP, after failing to raise the new charges, resorted to cutting down the number of buses from the various constituencies in order to save cost.

In spite of this, the turnout at the event was amazing, according to some observers who tipped the NPP to appreciate its number of votes in Friday?s polls.

The NPP?s vision for the North was believed to have gained much attention and commendation by residents in most constituencies in the Northern region.

Apart from meeting with party faithful on his listening tour, the flagbearer and his lieutenants were recorded to have visited some churches and religious leaders in the past three years to outline their policies to the electorate.

It was therefore not surprising, DAILY GUIDE observed, that a red carpet reception was accorded Nana Addo and his team in their last visit to the region to join party supporters to climax their campaigns in the area.

The massive turnout in the Tamale rally, according to some observers showcased a clear manifestation that Nana Addo, irrespective of efforts by his saboteurs, had indeed won the hearts and minds of many people in the region.

From all indications, DAILY GUIDE gathered that the NPP flagbearer may appreciate his votes on Friday compared to what he had in 2008.

Pundits predicted that his sustained relationship with the chiefs and people of the region won him the admiration; for which he is likely to ride high ahead of his close competitors during the elections.

 From Stephen Zoure, Tamale


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