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DStv has signed onto the Direct Debit payment system implying that patrons can have their subscriptions paid every month without visiting any of the payment outlets.

The move is to create a lot of convenience for the subscribers who will no longer hustle through the heavy traffic to renew the subscription.

Subscribers only need to issue a mandate and their monthly subscriptions will be paid on their behalf as long as they want.

The Chief Executive of Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS), Archie Hesse described the move as clear example of the use of technology to provide improved services for customers.

Mr. Hesse encouraged service providers to avail themselves to the various payment systems available in the country to ensure that their customers enjoy the benefits of technology.

He said people should be empowered to have a variety of payment options so that they will choose the most appropriate to suit their circumstances.

GhIPSS, as part of its mandate to reform the nation?s payment system, introduced the Ghana Automated Clearing House (GACH), which comes in two forms namely Direct Credit and Direct Debit.

Both payment systems are used for recurring payments and collections on specific dates at the instruction of the customers. It is a fast electronic payment system, which creates a lot of convenience for both the customer and the service provider.

Under the Direct Debit arrangement, customers of the DSTV can sign a mandate that allows their banks to pay the monthly subscriptions on their behalf, without the need to visit the bank or even send reminders every month. Once the subscriber signs the mandate, the subscriptions will be paid on his or her behalf until they instruct otherwise.

DStv has entered into an arrangement with Zenith Bank to receive the subscriptions from the banks of the customers and pay into the account of DStv.

With increasing sophistication and demands of the job, subscribers of DStv with banks accounts can opt for Direct Debit which will ensure that their banks promptly pay their subscriptions to avoid the discomfort of having their subscriptions suspended or taking time off to search for a payment outlet.

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