Some angry residents at Effiakuma, a suburb of Sekondi/Takoradi on Wednesday nearly whisked life out of a man who was falsely accused by the wife as having kidnapped her children.

The pain of rejection and false alarm by Khadija Kamara, the wife stemmed from the fact that the couple are now on the verge of breaking up and the woman in question could not stand the pain of losing all the children to the man.

Mr George Eduaful, the man in question is divorcing his Sierra Leonean wife and had gone to pick his children who were in the custody of the wife, but the wife forcibly joined them in the private salon car the man was driving and upon reaching Fijai, she raised an alarm that the children, all female, were being kidnapped

The action attracted the attention of motorists and other pedestrians who started pursuing the vehicle, smashed the windscreen and nearly lynched the husband.

Fate however found him well when a Police Officer intervened in the situation and later took him to the Effiakuma police station.

The family were later sent to the Regional Police Command in Sekondi for further investigation.

DSP Olivia Adiku, Police Regional PRO who confirmed the story said interrogations revealed that the said husband went to their house to pick the two girls to school, but the woman did not agree leading to a misunderstanding.

She later joined the private car the husband was using and, on their way, began to interfere with the driving by holding the steering wheel and the man sensing danger branched at the Effia-Kuma police station followed by a teeming crowd due to the false alarm by the wife, that the husband was a kidnapper.

DSP Adiku has therefore cautioned against false alarm adding that the police would not spare such miscreants but process them for court.


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