Elephant is the biggest animal on land. Anyone sees the elephant would be amazed at the gigantic appearance of the fearless pachyderm. When we refer the size of the elephant with blue whale, we may get shocked at the fact that this mammoth is too small than how it appears.

The elephant is only equal to the size of the tongue of blue whale. Imagine, the blue whale is having a tongue as big as an elephant. How big, then the blue whale would be?

When we look at two independent things in comparison, we fail to admire either. Or our real admiration for one thing disappears when we bring a comparison. If the comparison is not there, we would really admire an elephant.

In corporate, most bosses know to see things only in comparison. When the subordinates go to them with a finding, these bosses belittle the finding by bringing a comparison. Such comparisons will breed only frustrations and lack of trust. The subordinates loose interest to discuss with such bosses. They ultimately both looses the charm and thrill in their corporate life.

Elephant is the biggest animal on land is an amazing thing. Blue whale is the biggest animal on earth is also an amazing fact. The elephant is only the size of the tongue of a blue whale is equally another fascinating thing. Distinctions and comparisons are only to appreciate and admire the differences and not to belittle one at the expense of another.

This is possible only when one learn to see ?what is? as ?is?. Extraordinary courage, conviction and ?selflessness? are essential to see things as the way they are.

Every finding is important and it has some value. It is not value judgment, how to value the judgment is what the corporate bosses have to learn first and teach the subordinates.

Comparison for the purpose of learning is fine but it should not be used to demean the subordinates is the message the nature is conveying to the corporate through its creation of the two amazing animals viz., elephant and blue whale.

The HR function must learn the finest aspects of leadership lessons from nature. Learn the art of ?seeing and appreciating? things as the way they are. But unfortunately, the corporate people in general create ?commotion and chaos? through the intensive process called ?comparison?. Comparison will never make you happy. Instead of comparison, inculcate the culture of appreciation and acceptance, once you do that the boss-subordinate relationship become fruitful and contributing.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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