What is the best subject for the corporate employees to study? What they should ?inevitably? study and learn for their successful existence in corporate ? If we ask the above question, many would say MBA as the best subject. Some might say finance, corporate governance, HR etc. But in any case, every one will consensus on one thing that the best course for corporate people is business management.

One need to understand that biology is the best subject for the corporate people to learn. Although the tern biology is defined as ?study of life? (bio ?means life and logo means study, but the basic tenet of biology is nothing but ?management such as managing the resource, time, opportunity, opponents etc. First and foremost message of biology is

1. Biology never believes in charity or do support the same

Ever since the life was formed, within life and between two species, what exist is only business and nothing else. Only to ?fill? and to ?meet? the biological need only every life ?vibrate?, move and ?revolve?.

Every organ in our body functions only with such business intend. One organ supports the other organ to function only then they can exist healthy. The existence of life itself is only on the tenet of ?kill and get killed?. Every life form on earth both directly and indirectly supports the other and also receives similar support both directly and indirectly from other life form. Give and take is the simple philosophy they follow. Giver also receives and receiver also gives.

Biology believes more in business than in charity or philanthropy. Only business alone can support life and its development and not charity. The skin protects the internal organs as long as the internal organs reciprocate in the same measure. Both need each other and only then both can survive. This is true for every organ in our body. This is true also among every life form on the biome.

No other subject can teach such finest form of business insight like biology so lucidly. Besides all, creation of every species whether it is an invisible microbe or the biggest animal ? whale, nature has followed several management principles.

It is not what we have learned, what we have ?internalized? from our learning only directs our action and thinking. Biology is the science that tells how the business of ?give and receive? should be balanced. To internalize the ?philosophy of business?, the corporate leaders must study biology besides studying any branch of business management.

Learn biology and learn about nature, from nature and from biology, one can easily learn all essentials of corporate management.
Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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