??.For Selling Family Lands, Refuse Dump To Developers

??.And Arresting Head Of Family For Demanding Accountability

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Reliable information available to The Moment indicate that the Royal Aboradze family, kingmakers of Gomoa Jukwa [Idankrom] in the Central Region has destooled the chief of the town, Nana KojoIdan VIII for selling over seventy acres of the stool lands belonging to the family as well as the dumping site of the town to individual developers,but failed to account for to the family monies accrued from the sale of the lands.

The information further reveals that already, all the necessary step and rituals, including the slaughtering of a sheep and firing of three gunshots have been performed, signifying the destoolment of the Chief.

According to family source, Nana KojoIdan who is known in private life as Mr. Ebo Williams is not only said to have sold large tracts of the family lands, but also appointed his own family head and linguist without the consent and approval of the Royal family, whom the family have also destooled.

He is also accused of engaging in verbal exchanges in public with members of the town, a situation the family say is an indictment on the stool.

What seemed to have broken the camel?s back leading to the destooment of Nana Kojo Idan was the arrest of the legitimate head of the family, Ebusuapanying Kwame Atta on July 25 this year allegedly under the instruction of the Omanhene of the GomoaAjumako Traditional Area, Nana Yamfo Krampah, for instigating the family for his destoolment, without he, Nana YamfoKrampah listening to the side of the family.

According to the family source, Nana KojoIdan who was installed eight years ago started selling the family lands about three years ago with the connivance of his self-appointed family head [Ebusuapanyin] and linguist [Okyeame], and the three have become sole dignitaries to all lands sold, including the land used as refuse dump to developers.
The family source further reiterated that the Seventh Day Adventist Senior High School [SEDASS] which is located on the Royal family land gives scholarship to two children from the Royal family every academic year, but pointed out that the offer has ceased coming to the family ever since Nana KojoIdan was installed as Chief of the town.
According to the family, persistent attempts to know from Nana KojoIdan as to why the sudden turn of event on the scholarship had yielded no answer, a situation the family said is an indication that the Chief does not value education.
Currently, the cemetery where ancestors and Royal family members are buried is now been used as a refuse dump because the only refuse dump has been sold to another developer by the Chief, The Moment can confirm, a situation the townsfolk are not taken kindly to.

Some indigenes of the town that The Moment spoke to under guise condemned the behavior of the Chief in no uncertain terms, describing it as shameful acts that no respected chief will engage in.
Again, prior to Nana Idan?s destoolment, the town has no palace and was using the Royal family house as a palace.
This, according to the family source compelled one of the elders of the family, under the directive of the other family members to sell some parcel of the family land to construct a palace.

But according to the aggrieved family members, the construction of the palace is yet to be completed after the mysterious death of that family member who was undertaken the project after questioning the sale of twenty plots of land by the Chief and demanded accountability of the sale.

According to our information, Nana Kojo Idan has not made any attempt to complete the construction of the palace, and was using his own house as his palace.
Not only that, the source again disclosed that Nana Idan always dared any member of the family who question him on the sale of any land,as he claims to be the sole custodian of all lands belonging to the family.

Further investigation carried by this paper reveals that the matter has been sent to the Asiahene of the Gomoa Ajumako Traditional Area and Chief of Gomoa Brofoyedur, Nana Asumakwa Atta by the destooled Chief, Nana Kojo Idan.
But speaking to him via phone, Nana Asumakwa Atta described Nana Idan?s distoolment by the family as null and void, because according to him, the Royal family cannot distool the Chief without the consent of the head of the family [Ebusuapanyin] as the family does not have one presently, and has therefore directed that Nana Idan still remains Chief of Gomoa Jukwa until the family appoints someone to that effect in two weeks.

This directive, the family led by Ebusuapanyin Kwame Atta, Safohen Solomon Nkrumah, Augustine Havor and Solomon Quainoo have rejected in no uncertain terms, contending that the Royal Aboradze family is so large with some of its members both home and abroad, and as such it will be difficult for them to meet in two weeks and appoint someone by which time Nana KojoIdan might have sold all the family lands.

Latest information received from the family also indicate that the distooled Chief, Nana Kojo Idan had been invited by the police at Swedru for questioning for threatening to use spiritual means to kill the four people who are leading the crusade for his destoolment.

Readers would be up-dated on any further information on the development.

Investigative Robert Ayanful& Mabel Daniels


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