Closer Weekly has exclusively learned that John Mellencamp — who recently reunited with Meg Ryan — could be taking their relationship to the next level!



A friend tells Closer that John’s willingness to move to New York “means the world to her” and has solidified their relationship. In fact, the friend tells Closer that John is planning to propose marriage very soon.

?John has a big romantic streak,? the pal exclusively tells Closer. ?He will come up with something to sweep her off her feet. He loves grand, romantic gestures.?

John is about to go on tour, but he?s taking two weeks off in early April, ?and if I were a betting man, that?s when he?s going to get down on bended knee,? the friend confides to Closer, who predicts that the wedding will follow the engagement quickly, before the end of 2015.?They aren?t some lovestruck teenagers, and they?ve been together for a long time now,? the pal says. ?I don?t think they would be looking at stretching this engagement out.?

The pair went through a brief split in August after a three-year romance, due to distance ? she resides in New York City while he has famously deep roots in Indiana. As Closer previously reported, John has told Meg he would move to New York if it meant she would take him back.




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