unnamed (9)Orphaned at the age of 11, a young woman hits the streets of Freetown for solace but finds life tough. With faith and determination, she channels all her frustrations and desires into music ? thus successfully turning her single ?Ghetto Queen? into a hit track, with the help of an out-of-luck photographer. Fortune smiled on the pair but suddenly, a twist of character threatens the young singer?s self-esteem and confidence.


A vivacious ghetto girl with aspirations of becoming a superstar singer sees her dreams come true, but amidst the adulation, fame and wealth she loses sight of her happiness.?

Cast:?Zainab Sheriff, John Dumelo, James Gardiner, Marian Kekurah, Blessing Obasi, Daniel Moseray.

Director:?Moses Inwang

Producer:?Zainab Sheriff

Watch full movie?Ghetto Queen?HERE



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