Once upon a time, there lived a King in the land of seeming cowards. Every inhabitant of the land had to prostrate to him whenever he was passing by. Those fortunate enough to be allowed access to him had to revere him as though he wielded, the wand of life and death in his hand over their very existence. What a tin god he was!
Concluding from the undue homage his subjects accorded him, he felt he could treat the subjects anyhow. He arrogated to himself powers he normally would not have had were his people not cowards. He became so autocratic and ruled them with iron hands.
One day, a chief of an area within his Kingdom passed. He saw that as a perfect opportunity to avail himself of the wealth of that area by manipulating a purported influential daughter of the area with whom he was involved in extra marital affairs. He promised to do whatever possible, although illegal, that he could, to grant the woman the only precious quest of her heart. The woman dreamt of the elevation of her family to an unmatchable prominence, with the concomitant delivery of riches to her on a silver platter.
This said King, exercising his autocratic powers, listening to the dictates of his heart instead of his head, manoeuvred his colleagues for support to pursue an agenda to secure the woman her heart desire. He said to them, “We are bound to profit largely from aiding her”. He uttered in soliloquy, “I shall sell most part of their stool land and pocket the money. It is only by assisting the woman as requested that my dream will come to pass”. Subsequently, they activated all the necessary mechanisms that may speed up the realisation of their underhand deal.
Long before the King and his colluding lieutenants realised, they had committed a double whammy. Their first plan to have some individuals considered stumbling blocks thrown out during the initial process of identifying or presenting a chosen candidate for scrutiny backfired on them. Similarly, their second attempt deemed the final to dubiously impose a candidate on some people following the wish of the woman has suffered a big setback.
That King who thought he had all the powers in the world to himself is now feeling edgy. He has begun to realise that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Human beings no matter how strong and dictatorial you are you have something that can scare the shit out of you at some point in time.
I hope they will not be tempted to fall on their rogues called macho men as did the woman in the first instance. God?s hand is at work in favour of the suffering people the King and his cronies are seeking desperately to rob in broad daylight. God has activated a big trap. It is set to ensnare all the conniving team should they attempt anything silly.
If I were a Martian, I would ask, who advises the King? Whoever the person is, is ill-advising him hence the disgrace in which he is encapsulated. Play with the people of “Animiakrom” and you have already cruised for bruising.
This story is dedicated to the unknown inhabitants of “Animiakrom” in the land of “Ahufo3” on planet Mars.


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