Cecil Senna Nutakor and Albert Kwabena Dwumfuor

Students’ politics at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) has turned unusually sour, with competing personalities at each other’s throat.

In the ensuing melee, the media have become the favourite turf for the competing parties, as each is eyeing the position of SRC President.

Details in a document sighted by DAILY GUIDE from the Regent University, and signed by Albert K. Amonoo, Vice President of the college in charge of Administration and Development, dated May 2, 2012, are some of the points being raised against Cecil Senna Nutakor by his opponents in the struggle for the position of SRC President.

The letter suggests that a request was made to the college demanding some information about the aforementioned student and it reads in part: “Your letter of April 30, 2012 refers. Our records indicate that one Cecil Senna Nutakor between 2005 and 2006 worked with our IT Department and was also an undergraduate student of Computer Science about the same time.

“On his own ultimate confession of having forged the signature of the Vice President who was then responsible for Administration and Finance, he was rusticated as a student and suspended from work for three months to enable him go through Christian counseling sessions which the University arranged. He however spurned these well-intentioned transformation programme and severed association with the University.

“In the absence of a portrait, or forensic exhibit, we are unable to confirm whether the subject of your letter is the same as the one who was once associated with our institution. This is our candid submission.”

He is alleged to have been arrested by the Kaneshie Police on 28th February 2006.

Nutakor is also reported to have been sacked from Nungua Secondary School over an examination malpractice between 2002 and 2004.

When DAILY GUIDE spoke to him yesterday, he denied that he was dismissed from Nungua Secondary School.

On the correspondence from the Regent University, he explained that an internal arrangement had been set in place to resolve the issue and until the outcome of the efforts was out, he was not going to comment.

“I was never dismissed from Nungua Secondary School. I do not know how they got the information about the Regent University. We are in the process of correcting what happened and until the internal arrangement is completed, I won’t comment on it,” he said.

An Accra-based newspaper yesterday published a story intended to destroy the credibility of the student Nutakor is competing against- the current Vice President of the GIMPA SRC.

The contents are believed to have been given to the newspaper by persons aligned to the camp of Cecil who is feverishly gunning for the SRC presidency.

Albert Kwabena Dwomfuor, the Vice President, is said to be facing impeachment manouvres because of scandalous actions.

The report claimed that the executive of the SRC was locked up in a meeting over abuse of office and a GH¢350,000 fraud involving Albert Kwabena Dwomfuor.

The SRC Vice President, who is seeking elevation to the Presidency position, has denied the allegation leveled against him, describing it as an attempt to run him down.

“My detractors have resorted to leveling unsubstantiated allegations against me towards shoring their dwindling fortunes in the race for the presidency,” he said.

By A.R. Gomda

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