By: Ama Larbie

George Dickson (1)In as much as I may not be pleased and satisfied with the dealings of the Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), I see no reason for a ?caution? release if really members of the Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana are not happy with some utterances by some individual from the known musicians union in the country and trust their President.

The president of MUDAG and MUSIGA, neither George Dickson nor Obour are blemish-free as far as documentations, interactions and money dealings are concern but even if Obour?s blemishes are way heavier than George Dickson?s; who thou art caution MUSIGA?

Of course there are so many opaque dealings at MUSIGA?s darkroom but in the first place, what triggered George Dickson?s rolling tongue that finally lead to his ?will-resignation??

IsMUDAG?s members and secretary saying that the media and the entire public should only believe it was because of MUSIGA?s mismanagement ?of the President?s ?gift? of GH? 2 million and also an account on the maiden edition of Ghana Music Week among other black dealings that he, George Dickson felt needed transparency? Really, like seriously?

Well, getting to know George Dickson was such an easy way because his soft and ?easy rolling? tongue gave me the necessary informations I needed after the 2011 MUSIGA electionwhere indeed votes were bought with rLG laptops and phones and of course, monies between GH?50.00 and GH?200.00.

Well, George Dickson is one character whose tongue will never vouch for a second rest not when there are so many to be said, he is a real talkative. I believe his refused proposal and suggestions as to how the president?s gift should be allocated at the National Executive Committee meeting held on that Monday, October 1, 2012 at the MUSIGA head office may have contributed to the ongoing Dickson vs. Obour saga.

Can George Dickson also be honest and be as transparent as he is rallying for MUSIGA to be come out in person to also give a vivid account of what he used the GH?10,000.00 for or the GH?4,350 from the allocation used in promoting the industry and the creation of new district branches successfully is enough an account to deem him clean?

Indeed, Obour and his administration is not alone in the dark room dealings likewise any soul in the industry or other sectors and of course individually but what?s with this ?caution? release when you barely know your president that much?

With the audio attached in their ?caution? release, I will like to petition that they do same during meetings with President George Dickson because as at when they start having issues, so will their public interest dealings be revealed.

Can you also smell the light info stated in the ?caution? release by the Press Secretary of MUDAG, Oti FaabenKakra that ?Moreover, we are well informed of the ploy of MUSIGA after failing touse their operatives to distract Mr. Dickson from pushing the agendaof MUDAG, resort to character assassination of his personality as theyplanned on the 12th of September 2013 at the MUSIGA head office in Accra?. #FENNEC

A word of restraint to MUSIGA executives, there so many ?spies? in that building; quite unfortunate, everybody walks with broad smiles, concordance and thumbs ups during decision makings. Be watchful becausenobody is safe not even me.

Catchularrah?abrofusem y3 me d3 papa! Watch out for my next piece headlined: The Huge fortune in GMWcelebration!



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