logo-OLX-v1b-small-RGBI was surfing the OLX site on the internet for a car I want to purchase. I then came accros a nice blue Toyota Corolla le 2006 model. The price was GHC7500. And the duty has been paid for said the seller as the car was said to be at the habour.
This was too good to be true so I decided to call the seller. I then asked him why was the car been sold at such a give away price and he replied saying it’s an auction car. Then I said ok can I come for inspection and he asked if my cash was ready and I said yes. He then went on saying there are terms and conditions that has to be obliged and I said ok what are those terms.
First I have to fill a form then go and make payment of GHC4ooo into a mobiLe account then take a receipt add it to the form that I have filled then go to the harbor for the inspection of the car. So I asked him were can I get the form then he replied that he will email me the form so I should send him my email address, full name , house address and my place of work. He then sent me this fake form bearing GPHA name and logo running across the middle. There was no telephone number on the form as well. Find link to a fake Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority letterhead they used for their correspondence.


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