Gabriel FleetLine shocks are designed in order to replace the commercial OE shocks all together. Hence they are constructed to either match or exceed the specifications of the OE and its quality standards combined. This particular product line for Gabriel shocks also features a valving rate that makes up for any initial truck suspension softening, which still delivers a performance good enough to replace the original.

Gabriel shocks are also designed to increase comfort and decrease cab noise for cab fleets. These come in a special product line for Gabriel shocks called FleetLine cab shocks which are custom made to completely eliminate cab vibration.

Gabriel shocks are designed to exceed regular OE requirements with pioneering features such as ten-stage valving and their pressurized metal piston ring.

They also have a multi-lipped piston rod seal, complete with gas cell technology in their cab shocks which dramatically reduce any wear and tear on the expensive suspension and vehicle parts while decreasing fade and enhancing riding comfort at the same time.

Another distinguishing factor for Gabriel shocks is that every shock in the FleetLine product line has a super-finished chromed piston rod which allows you to preserve the product for a long time as it prevents corrosion, is durable and long-lasting. As any fleet owner would know, performance, comfort, dependability and control are the essential components of any business, which is Gabriel shocks should be anyone’s first choice when it comes to installing shocks within your vehicles to ensure that you are subjected to the least amount of damage, by impact or otherwise to maintain the life of your fleet.

Gabriel shocks have independent compression, and refill ports which means that they do not require a lot of maintenance after installation.

Gabriel shocks are also built with reinforced, cold formed 360 degree eye ring which is welded into an arc adjusted with end mounts to maintain superiority in structure and solid durability.

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