Freight Trucking companies are those that transport large and small shipments from one place to another via air, water, rail or road transport. These shipments can be as large as huge and heavy crates and as small as postal mail. All these shipments are carefully packaged and addressed so that they do not get lost in the multitude of other shipments that are to reach a million destinations. These companies offer domestic as well as international shipping, international at a higher rate. Hand delivery and pick-up options are also provided by certain shippers at varied rates. Another option is the speed of shipping. Faster shipping methods are more expensive than the slower ones.

The shipping market is so huge that there are many shipping companies that have come into existence in the recent past. Companies with the tag International Shipping Company have means of transport in all zones, air, water and land.

They provide services based on the customer’s need. If the customer requires expedited and safe international shipping, air freight is preferred. If the shipment is very huge and international, mostly marine mode is chosen. Rail and road modes of shipment are the cheapest and most economical when compared to the rest. These shipments are first categorized by the type, the size and the delivery time into various types for the ease of transport. They are usually divided into household goods (HHG), express, parcel and freight shipments. Express shipments are generally very light weight (not over a few kilograms) and are air transported with the carrier’s packaging. Parcels are generally less than 50 kg and mostly travel by rail or road transport. Freight shipments are categorized as two, less than truckload (LTL) and truckload. Shipments ranging from 50 to 7000 kg are LTL. All the shipments are usually palletized, shrink-wrapped and packaged to endure any form of shipping environment.

An International Freight Company has all means of freight shipping. Air Freight is usually for parcels that need speedy reach. Many new cargo aircrafts have been modelled that support cargo shipping. Maritime cargo handled at seaports is of different types. It includes automobiles, bulk cargo, containers, break bulk cargo, etc. Trains are used to transport a variety of freight such as containers, steel, wood, coal and even automobiles and letters. This is more economic and energy efficient than road. Road cargo is many for domestic delivery and for comparatively light loads.

FrieghtGuru is the leading freight service provider in the US, having partnership with all the best carriers of the country. Choosing the right service is no more a hassle. Once approached, the company takes care of all the matters related to the Freight Trucking, starting from which mode to which carrier. Bidding is done on the shipment by the carriers and by an instantaneous result the winner is given charge of the shipment. No more of worrying about choosing which service to opt for or which mode to send it through, just a trouble-free shipping experience.

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