Because we live in a technological age, it is increasingly important to be able to get and electronically sign contracts via the Internet. However, it can be very difficult to find a secure and legal electronic signature solution, because you need a platform that is guaranteed legally to stand up when you choose to use have your document signed on the Internet. However, there is a unique and innovative solution available that will allow you to simply upload any of your documents you need signed, invite all of the pertinent signatories and received a legally signed PDF for your records following signature. This incredible platform is available for only nine dollars a month and you get 10 contracts. In addition, there are many other types of plans and pricing segments available, based on your specific needs.

Instead of faxing, printing or scanning your documents, taking the chance that they will get lost or worse, you don’t have to waste any time doing this we need to simply upload your document and ready to go.

What your contract has been signed by the Internet, you will be able to get a copy of the signed contract it comes back to you complete with a sign to seal of authenticity. This is a highly professional way to get all of your documents signed, as well as providing a more efficient, faster and paper free way to sign all of your pertinent documents anytime, anywhere. With a professional, trusted and secure image for all of your clients, they will feel safe and secure signing all of the contracts and documents by the Internet when you use this innovative platform. This provides a more simple and organized way to manage all of your contracts without extensive red tape.

It is completely legal, and all of your documents, files and communications are encrypted within the database providing the maximum security available. This is the only platform are available on the Internet that authenticates your signatories in two different ways. One is through an identity link that was sent by e-mail as well as through an identity code that has been provided to your signatories by telephone. The reason why they do verification by telephone is to ensure that the identity of every person who has access to your contract is truly who they say they are, and who you need to have sign your contracts. If for any reason the electronic signature is challenged when you use the best electronic signature website available on the Internet, they will stand up and step in on your behalf to prove all of the validity of every signature that has been added under contract through their platform. In addition, they will assume responsibility for any legal fees are incurred following any challenge. The legal team that audits the platform will also work alongside your lawyers to prove the validity of your signatures that you received on this platform. So, when you find the best online electronic signature solution, you’ll know that you have found the best when they can provide you the most secure and legal solutions available, with a guarantee to back it up.

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