Travelling is exciting. And for those who have Noosa real estate, driving to the most beautiful sites is easy. You can step out of the Noosa accommodation and just choose a magnificent destination, and you?re off.

But travelling is not always fun. In fact, it is boring most of the time, especially if you spend hours and hours in your car, trying to get somewhere. This is extra challenging if you have kids with you. So how will you deal with the boredom? Here are some tips:

Bring a companion:

Driving alone is ok, but if it is a long drive, having a companion will do wonders for you. Make sure that you bring someone you are close to so that you or someone who is very interesting to talk to. You will not notice how time flies when you are chatting with a good friend.

Listen to upbeat music:

If you are traveling alone, make sure that your car stereo is in good shape. A very quiet trip can heighten the boredom. If you are not a music fan ? which I doubt, listen to news, gossips and commentaries on the radio. This will keep you updated and will also give you more insights about what is going on around the world. You can also listen to an audio recording of your favorite book. This will be a great way to spend your lone time in the car:

Be mindful of the children:

If you are going to bring a child or a couple of kids with you, make sure that you plan everything ahead of time. Pack a bag of food and drinks and place it in an easy to reach part of the car.

See to it that the seats of the young ones are comfortable too. Bring children?s books and other reading materials. Bring their favorite toys too. You can also hand them your digital camera and ask them to take photos of the scenery while you are driving. Bring a couple of pillows for them too.

You can also have a game where the family members can be part of. using your car stereo, you can play, name that tune. You can also ask them to create a story based on what they see on the road. Counting the red colored cars or blue ones can be fun for the kids as well.

Board games:

If you have enough room, like in an RV, you can bring along your board games so that your kids and other companions will have something to do while on the trip. Bring playing cards as well.

Music Instruments:

If someone from the family knows how to play the guitar, then bring one as well. Singing in the vehicle is a great way to enjoy the trip. If someone else can take over the driving, you can take turns so that you can rest and enjoy the travel too.

If you foresee spending long hours in the car, make sure that you have things to keep you occupied. Listening to the music is one, having a friend to talk to is another. This will make your tip more fun and memorable.?

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