It is both naive and foolish in today’s day and age to dismiss the usefulness and power of Computers and i.T. Technology is progressing very quickly and with factors such as automation within the work place it is fair and logical to assume that knowledge and experience with computers is now key to a successful career.

With the internet virtually eliminating geography within business and offering options such Telecommuting which allows someone to attend meetings via web-cam and work from home, it becomes very attractive to be in an I.T based career. Not everyone has enough knowledge of computers to be able to do this though. Although I want avoid sounding cliché, knowledge of computers tends to be grouped into the generalisation of ‘Younger’ and ‘Older’ people, which is not surprising considering personal computers are a relatively new technology.

For many younger people, computer skills are picked up fairly easily.

This is not to say that younger people have nothing to learn, but computers within schools means that many young people are introduced and become accustomed to the idea of using a computer early in their lives. I.T is often a compulsory lesson preparing students with the basic skills that will prove invaluable within their working lives. The downside to this is that a high number of people with the same knowledge creates a lot of competition.

If you think about how competitive I.T. can be, it pays to be highly skilled. It can be difficult for those that have little or no previous experience with computers and the general consensus of Older people is that they typically find computers daunting or confusing, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

There are many companies that specialise in training within I.T.

whether it be beginner’s skills such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher etc or more advance skills such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional Courses. Undertaking these types of courses can open up many different career paths in the modern Technology driven world of the Twenty-first Century. They are specifically designed for those willing or needing to gain new skills and are usually easily accessible and can often be completed in a matter of days.

If this sounds right for you, here are some good places to start looking at what Computer Training Courses are available.”

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