The days of siri have gone. Welcome to Sonar featured dolphin which supports direct conversation to browsers. Sonar, a short abbreviation for SOund Navigation And Ranging, is a self explanatory word which means the technology uses the technique of sound to get connected with internet. Likewise, Dolphin Sonar helps people to work on Dolphin Browsers by means of sound effects i.e. their voice. They will be capable of controlling and commanding the browser using their voice commands directly.
This feature is considered to be the first in the world of technology to work for mobile phones’ browsers.
Though, this hi-tech, at present, is available in Android edition of the browser, Sonar is featured to open the Web page, minimize, maximize or close the pages and perform further navigating functions rather than just searching what one needs.  The developer and marketing chief of Dolphin, Edith Yeung, had announced concerning this new technology and reasoned the launch as eliminating the typing part for performing various functions on mobiles or tabs.
How Sonar works with Dolphin
Sonar has been incorporated with Dolphin in entirely a different manner.  The activation of Sonar can be done by either shaking the phone providing the Dolphin app left open or simply by swiping down on the phone’s tabs present on the left corner of the screen at the bottom.

Pat the in-built microphone to turn it on and then pass the command in it.
The feature developer also said that the technology also supports Google and works by clipping into the Google application programming interface (API) but the function of the server entirely depends upon its own execution.  
Over thousands of years took an evolution in human kinds to take place but these humans took fewer times to evolve the orb of software and technology. trojan virus removal Very well researched and tested, the working of Sonar dolphin has been proved to work flawlessly.
Now, forget about the days when one has to wait for their hands to get free from work and type in the Facebook web address. A short voice command, “Facebook” will load up the page within less span of time. Similarly, if one wants to share a file just command the browser, “Share this” and you are done with this.
For a browser, sonar is nothing but a siri, an intelligent personal assistant, which if popper, can create a clash between apps and browsers.

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