An industrious woman of a particular town in Ghana passed on couple of years more after her hundred years. Whiles alive, she provided quality education to all her five children who loved her so much.

She was not a burden on her children as they reciprocated her care for them by also providing all her needs before her passing on.

But after her death, came a big problem that took a long period for the children to solve. That problem was how to work her exact age and get the actual number of years she spent on earth before her death.

The children did not know their mothers date of birth. A search through her bags never produced any good result.

Consultations with equally elderly persons brought out nothing and her only mate remaining at the town who was suppose to know it also could not remember anything.

Next elderly person could only remember what the father of the late woman once told them that their mate was born the same week when Queen Elizabeth of England father King George VI was born

In order not to make things more complicated, the bereaved children decided to cut long matters short by doing a guess work and fix the age of their old lady at a certain number to celebrate the life of the old woman.

This could be one out of thousand other cases unresolved as many people do not know the exact date of birth of their parents or even them the individual because of how poor data base systems are in Ghana.

All over the world there are two clear certificates that each and every individual must have either as living being or no more living.

Irrespective of ones educational background he should not be denied of birth certificate and when he passes on too a death certificate issued in his name.

Birth certificate is an authorization document that records ones existence or entering into this world of ours whiles death certificates records ones exit from this world of living beings.

Therefore if one does not have a birth certificate, it becomes very difficult for one to even know his name, be identified as a human being because wherever he will go he will need it as a legal tender to prove his identity.

Two thousand years ago when Mary and Joseph were following the decree by the emperor for everyone to go home and be counted, Mary gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem.

Even at that time there was a system that the sages used in recording events such as the birth of Jesus, the place, time and by which parents. They recorded events on scrolls and hid them in ceramic jugs and buried them in caves for future discoveries and records.

It is very sad to observe that despite advanced information technology and data processing Ghana?s data system is still manual where it takes too long a time to process important documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, passports and what have you.

In advanced countries, one does not need to chase birth and death officers to process a certificate to process stuff. The data systems are digital and linked to all sectors controlled by a centralized data system.

Right at the hospital where the baby is born, the doctor puts down all the necessary information needed to certify the baby as a living being, forward it to officers at the birth certification section who enters the information into the central system and in few business days a hard copy of the baby?s birth certificate gets into the rightful parents for keep.

What has become a common excuse by officers at the sector which issues birth certificates to justify their bribery and corruption is,? Congratulations for having that baby. Sorry it is unfortunate that the child?s birth certificate has not been signed yet so please be patient and expect it to be ready may be one month time?.

So you ask yourself, how many certificates does the officer sign everyday to keep the process going that is too tired some that he needs to wait several months whiles other documents keep gathering dust on the shelves in that office.

It is very shameful to observed that in this modern world where everything is going digital, Ghana continues to run manual system in every sector of governance making one to ask how do you take out corruption?

For the country to be able to fight corruption we need to improve our data systems possibly changing it from manual to digital and I mean all the public services.

If this is done, members of the general public won?t be seen heckling officers for services they deserve only to be abused in return.




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