From recent happenings at the political front in Ghana, it seems the NDC government headed by President John Dramani Mahamah, has developed a sharp lying tongue that goes to deny every story against it.

Some ministers and party faithful of the NDC frustrated by recent revelations of its corrupt ministers and other government officials in criminal activities under the watch of the president only go to the media to deny the story to make the government look good but in fact getting worse.

The government was caught lying to the good people of Ghana when they demanded explanation to his visit to LondonU.K.? where a big demonstration greeted him.

His ministers were caught lying on radio that he attended G.8.Summit where in fact he was not invited as a guest to the summit.

After that revelation, everyone thought those who have been singing praises to the president in order to keep their office positions only to feed on the tax payers money will stop lying. But no, they keep on lying again and again.

On October 9, 2013, the state media Daily Graphic picked a story from Ghana News Agency [GNA] and posted it on its online website titled,? NO GHANAIANS WERE INVOLVED IN THE BOAT DISASTER OFF THE COST OF LAMPEDUSA IN ITALY?.

Government denial of Ghanaians involved in the boat disaster was contained in a statement signed and issued to GNA by Felix Kwakye Ofosu, deputy minister for information and media relations.

According to the story, the deputy minister said,? the government can confirm that contrary to initial reports no Ghanaian casualty was reported?. He explained that a team was dispatched from Ghana?s mission in Italy to Lampedusa to ascertain the veracity of the reports that some Ghanaians were involved in the disaster.

His statement was that the team however discovered that only one Ghanaian Sulley Hamidu was among a group of migrants who have arrived safely in another boat a week before the tragedy and was receiving consular assistance.

Then four days after the denial. Joy F.M. did an excellent job by balancing that reportage by broadcasting a story Deutshe Welle, a television station in Germany aired to expose the deputy minister of his lies.

Deutshe Welle T.V. story Joy F.M. aired reported that one Ghanaian was in fact involved in the Lampedusa tragedy despite government denial.

To ascertain the truth as to whether a Ghanaian was involved in that boat tragedy or not demanded extra work of investigation and not just pouring into the public domain a press statement from the government .?The government said no, an international television station said yes?.

Just google ?No Ghanaian died in boat disaster ?and ?Lampedusa disaster: DW TV reports one Ghanaian dead?, read both reports and see who was telling the truth and who was lying through his teeth.

The DW TV. had the photograph of Jonson Ofori the brother of Martin Ofori ?who died in the boat accident sitting in what looked like a tent? denying what the minister said to DW TV.

By the investigation done by DW TV, one can say without looking above his shoulders that Felix Kwakye Ofosu lied to Ghanaians when he denied in a press statement that ?No Ghanaians were involved in the Lampedusa boat disaster?.

It is high time the government stop lying through its teeth to score cheap political points and tackle the numerous problems facing the country head on to give the good people of Ghana some comfort.

Journalists, anchor men should develop much interest in investigating issues further than just going to the press with ?he said, she said ?stories.

It is no more a ?surprise to know that ever since Ghanaians realized the running lips of the ministers which often than not spew lies, the very ones who had some sort of confidence in the Mahamah government have thrown it to the dogs.

Tell Mahani or Mahamah government to fix the economy and stop lying to Ghanaians as they are now tired of the lies.



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