Nii Armah Akromfah
Nii Armah Akromfah

Nii Akomfah said, it may be the competition that is frightening Dr. Sakara since leading the party depends on delegates who will gather and elect who they believe will be the next Presidential candidate of the party.

Nii Armah Akromfah
Nii Armah Akromfah

Dr. Abu Sakara, a former presidential candidate of the CPP announced his resignation in a press statement from his office.

In that statement, he also declared his intention to run as an independent candidate in the 2016 Presidential election.

He also stated in his statement that, “The purpose will be to provide a more focused national interest platform on which we can truly build national consensus around the key issues that will really transform our nation for the good of all of us.

“My candidacy will galvanise momentum for real fundamental change in our approach to the many challenges that continue to hold us back from realising our true potential and vision as a nation and as Africans,” Dr. Sakara said in his statement.

He said,  “It is my fervent hope and conviction that my independent candidacy will provide the pivot around which many well-meaning Ghanaians from across the political spectrum can mobilise their heartfelt desire for an alternative to the NPP and NDC.”

“A focus on a well-defined national interest platform will provide the mechanism needed to build momentum for a paradigm shift to overcome the polarised political dialogue that has divided our nation.

“The dominance of this duopoly has made our democracy stagnant and unresponsive to the many calls for real fundamental change in legislation, accountability and equity in governance. The winner-takes-all syndrome has held our politics to ransom.”

“There must be a credible political response to the cries of many frustrated Ghanaians for real change. That frustration is greater because of the fading hope that smaller political parties can ever join together in the face of electoral annihilation.

……. The stagnation in our democracy demands a different, innovative and bold course of action to achieve the desired change we seek. For the moment the traditional route of political parties will only produce more of the same, lone and weak voices in the wilderness of self-righteousness,” he added.

However, the party’s General Secretary Nii Akomfrah said the Dr Abu Sakara is yet to formally inform the party of his resignation.

“Dr. Sakara, before announcing his resignation, should have approached the party for redress in case he had any grievances. Indeed the national chairman has met with the aspirants recently of which he (Dr. Sakara) was one. If he had a particular grievance about decisions, you can channel that to the party and if you don’t get redress then you can seek to leave the party, but many people will find it very surprising that you have not done all of this and you are seeking to run as an independent candidate,” he intimated.

Nii Akomfrah also said there is a very serene platform for all candidates to contest and hence the decision by Abu Sakara to leave the party is absurd.



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