Rev. Prof. Asante praying for the president and his wife at the induction ceremony held in Accra

REV. PROF Emmanuel Asante, Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana, National Peace Council and Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church has asked individuals engaged in secular businesses to work with a sense of godly purpose in their daily activities.

He said most people are caught up in the struggle between secular demands and desires and ‘sacred’ activities and therefore work with little or no sense of godly purpose in their work.

“They feel that their work is a secular activity and that they work only for a living and material things in life,” Prof. Asante said.

He said if Christians and businessmen consider the biblical perspective on work they would come to the realization that their work can actually be an experience of service and worship to God.

Rev. Prof. Asante made this recommendation when he addressed a gathering at the induction and fund raising ceremony of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, Ghana held in Accra.

The fellowship, made up of members from diverse church backgrounds is aimed at bringing together Christian men to share their experiences in Christ.  

Speaking on the topic, “Our Collective Service to God and Secular Professions: The Christian Business Man as the Servant of God,” Rev Asante said the Bible does not draw any distinction between sacred and secular activities.

“It means that we can serve God full-time and do our work without changing professions,” he said.

According to him one can serve God full-time in his line of duty by resolving to provide excellent products or services.  

“It is therefore expected of the Christian to obey one’s superiors and genuinely work to help them to reach their legitimate goals,” he said.

He also said that Christians should draw the distinction between serving God and everything else and invite the Lord into our work because “he wants to be Lord of our work.”

Rev. Prof. Asante later prayed for the new president asking God to bless and strengthen him and his family to complete the task ahead of him.  

The new president, George Prah, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ikon Limited, a consultancy supplying industrial material and equipments takes over from the outgoing National President, Timothy Eric Ati.

Mr. Ati in his message pledged his continuous support to the new president as he also prayed for God to strengthen him to move the fellowship where it needs to be.

Mr. Prah for his part gave the assurance that he will work to double the number of the members of the fellowship.

He added that he would strengthen the structure of the fellowship so it will have a better relationship with other churches in the country as they work together.

“The youth will be embraced as we prepare them for the vision,” he said.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri

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