Pastor Michael Preaching in a ?space bus?
Pastor Michael Preaching in a ?space bus?

By: Kwaku Boakye Karikari

Most of the pastors we normally see in public transport preaching are usually elderly people however with the recent disgusting misdeeds of some men of God who have infested the Ghanaian Christian sect leading to public outcry has now paved way for children to join the fray.

Pastor Michael Preaching in a ?space bus?
Pastor Michael Preaching in a ?space bus?

It?s not only Ghana that is bedeviled with this religious crookery problem but several countries such as South Africa, United States, Britain, France, Nigeria among others.
Just as the bible says according to Matthew 23:27 ?whitewashed tombs which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men?s bones and everything unclean?

These Pastors because of their cunning ways are able to psychologically brainwash members to consider them as morally upright however it looks like the public outcry is rather paving way for child-pastors who are mostly between the ages of 12 and 16.
?I am Prophet Michael from Atimpoku and I was sent by God to Accra, Tema and its environs to spread His word?, one of them on board an Achimota bound vehicle from Tema stated in an interview with the reporter.

Sharing the problems he encounters as young preacher, Michael averred that ?most people see me as a small boy and think I do this because of financial enticement but no?, he exclaims adding that ?I was called by God and am doing his work because his word says in the latter days he would pour out His spirit on young men to see visions?.

A number of these child-pastors could be found in the popular space buses which ply the Circle-Odokor route, Tema-Achimota route and the Tema Station area.

The phenomenon is no different in the Western Region where children between the ages as low as 13 to 19 could be found in the act.

The Takoradi Market Circle seems to be a hub for such activities as children are usually found in the early hours of the day ostensibly preaching to people who had visited the area to trade.

Popular among such children is ?Osofo Kakraba?, a fourteen year old boy who had apparently dropped out from school but had become famous among the market women for his preaching.

Osofo Kakraba would usually appeal for some few cedis after his short sermon to support his ministry.

Such a practice is common among the many child pastors littered on the streets of Sekondi-Takoradi. They usually move from one lorry station to another to carry out their activities.

The reporter gathered that the situation is also prevalent in Tarkwa, specifically, the Tarkwa Railway Station.

Strongly enough, persons who listen to these sermons do not see anything wrong with it as they usually join in with singing and responses posed by these preachers.

Looking at the situation how can people know which pastors have been called and that they are not being used by other elderly persons to scoop money from the public.


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