Mr Gershon Dzah, Head-teacher of Debidebi Primary School, an outlandish community in the Kpando Municipal area is convinced that the remote and hard-to-reach enclave habours some ?gems? that must be polished into high flying professionals.JHS STUDENTS
?My aim is to see village schools grow, the children here also deserve the best?, the Principal Superintendent of Education who was transferred from Adaklu- Hehekpoe, another deprived community in the Adaklu District, told the Ghana News Agency at Debidebi during a visit there last week.
Head-teacher Dzah is convinced that being at post at Debidebi for 15 years was not a fruitless assignment as he named some pupils from that community who progressed to Junior High School in Kpando and made it to Bishop Herman and Kpando Senior High Schools where they excelled.
He however lamented that those ?worthy ambassadors? of Debidebi could not make it to any tertiary institutions not because they lacked the intellectual ability, but simply because their parents could not afford to push them up that level of the education ladder.
Head-teacher Dzah and his teachers have had to trudge through long stretches of dense vegetation daily to the hard-to reach community, rain or shine, from Kpando, a 45 minute journey. He lamented that many young teachers have deserted the children of Debidebi because they could not endure the sacrifice.
No vehicle ever traveled to that community, no wonder drivers of vehicles conveying a team of journalist there to verify the successes of a UNICEF and Ghana Government Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) programme, had to pick their way carefully along ?often stony and mud crusted and twig ?carpet? foot-paths hemmed in by arching trees and long grasses.?
Head-teacher Dzah said he has been encouraging and appealing to the five young teachers now at post to consider the plight of the children in the community who also deserve the best educational opportunities as others in the bigger communities.
He is keeping his fingers crossed hoping the young teachers would also not ?abandon ship? with a passionate appeal to philanthropists and institutions to come provide teachers? accommodation at Debidebi so that the teachers could live in the community and supervise the children even after school.
A class two pupil scored 80 percent and 90 percent respectively in two subjects in this term?s examination but on further probing he was unable to read the questions.
Head-teacher Dzah explained that teachers had to read and explain the questions to the pupils who chose answers from a set of alternatives provided.
Until recently pupils of Debidebi have had to attend school under a cluster of sheds until Plan Ghana and Ms Akua Dansua then Member of Parliament provided a six classroom block with an office, Head teacher Dzah said.



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