Though the demise of hiplife-star, Theophilus Tagoe? a.k.a Castro came as a profound shock to Ghanaians, I would rather describe it as an awakening-calling on stakeholders of resorts in the country to put in measures to ensure safety in these places. The drowning of people in waters at these resorts have being a thing of the past. The stories of millions who died from taking leisure at swimming and using watercrafts are always swept under the carpet, except for the few pathetic ones the media reveal. Even with that, it ends there and as to how the dead bodies are buried remains mystery. Until, the adverse of our negligence happen to a popular person, the lame continues to suffer for it.

On Sunday, 6th July, we were plying our normal duties just when rumours from all directions came hitting our social media walls claiming; Castro has drowned in the Ada river while riding a jet ski with his girlfriend Janet Bandu. He was reported to have checked in at the Aqua Safari Resort at Ada with Asamoah Gyan and three other friends on Friday 4 to spend the weekend there. Castro was said to have invited his girlfriend Janet to join them on the day on which they went skiing.

As at now, his body is still pending searches; a number of agencies rushed to the scene to assist in with-drawing him from the river. Marine Police, the Navy, the Tema Police Command, the Ada Police Command, Ada East District Assembly, Local fishermen and fetishes have all? showed up for his rescue. Though, there have been no traces of him or his girlfriend, ghanaians have concluded on various opinions. A school of thought claim; the lady had taken him to the underworld to show him to her fellow marine spirits. Another school of thought too claim, it?s in line with the occasional happenings around the blackstar captain Asamoah Gyan anytime he returns from a tournament.? Whereas some of us feel he?s dead; some fetishes have said he?s receiving training underwater and would return alive in some time later.

If he?s truly not dead then we wish him a safe return. Meanwhile , I would also use this opportunity to teach the public some safety precautions to observe before getting on a watercraft. Firstly, don?t operate a sea boat or jet ski when drunk or having used drugs. This can impair the brain and would make you loose focus hence causing accident.

To avoid injury, turn-off engine when individuals are in the water.

Don?t stand in or on a vessel when it?s in motion!

Try as much as possible to minimize distractions by riding away from tidal waves forming on the water.

Don?t overload the vessel! Only keep light materials on board, to ensure safety.

Watch the oil, temperature and other gauges for signs of problems. Ignoring signs can result in costly repairs.

Be sure to check the engine compartment to see if the battery is secure and cables are tight. Check fuel lines for leaks or signs of wear or cracking.

Check the vessel?s fire extinguisher to see if it hasn?t expired.

And the most important of all, don?t forget your life jacket!

If all the above are adhered and also enforced by resort authorities, it would save us some lives.

_Merci Beaucoup_

Felix Acquaye.


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